Bond and Bean - Baked Beans and Vodka Martini costumes
Bond and Bean - Baked Beans and Vodka Martini costumes
Bond and Bean - Baked Beans and Vodka Martini costumes. Intersection of fashion and technology. Cooking beans and production alcohol.

Funny Woman with a Martini Digital Art

Woman with a Martini Digital Art
Digital Art Although she is drinking wine, I thought Brandi might be a good name for her since I couldn't just call her 'Wine'.
Member reactions:
Good one, but why part of her arms is blurry .
Ahhhh, you converted the entire image. I was looking for the chop sources you generally leave in. Nice one Joan.
I think when an author traces an image the source should be added so as not to deceive the voters

Funny Palcohol Martini Blends

Palcohol Martini Blends
8 grams sachets

Funny James Bond with a Powdered Vodka Martini

James Bond with a Powdered Vodka Martini
Member reactions:
Maybe some blur around the head and neck will blend it more.
Sounds quick & easy. Just a sprinkle away from Nirvana.
. Classic 50s style ad Well done and congrats on the wood
congrats wanderer.
Congratulations. Great concept and execution.

Funny Nuclear Martini

Nuclear Martini
Member reactions:
I like the pic though is it a Movie. Work of art.
That it is Newsy, but hey I don't make the contest directions

Funny Hot Dog Martini - Weiner Cocktail

Hot Dog Martini - Weiner Cocktail
Source. Link.

Funny Berries in a Martini

Berries in a Martini

Funny Martini Olive Eclipse

Martini Olive Eclipse

Funny Martini

Each stitch and hole was painted by hand.
Member reactions:
Aye, I really like this, especially the stem of the glass, only thing i can think of is prolly darkening the hue/contrast on the stitching in the outside top right and the needle strand.... prolly more realistically as is, but may look better then being slightly imperfect on that area.
Love how the perspective changes by adding the stitches.
Congrats on the Silver Deb, this was my favorite..
Congrats Deb Now I see how 007 mends his hangovers.
Silver congratulations too, Deb - you are on a roll.
Congrats on the double win. Stitch one up for me
. 2 trophies. You guys rock. . Thanks again for your wonderful comments and votes. This was an interesting way to do a chop. Will have to experiment with it again sometime.

Funny Martini Shaken

Martini Shaken
Member reactions:
nice work here..i suggest to add a little more green reflection from water to add more deep.
Thanks all Sources:

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