My favorite Martian!
My favorite Martian!
My favorite Martian!. One of my favorite shows growing up. *PLEASE VIEW IN FULL* *CLICK HERE TO VIEW*
Member reactions:
very well done like the dog and its master

Funny Barack Obama Meets Marvin The Martian

Barack Obama Meets Marvin The Martian
Take Me To Your Leader..

Funny The Real Martians

The Real Martians
The Martian lives of Spirit and Opportunity

Funny Marvin the Martian Looking at Earth

Marvin the Martian Looking at Earth
Marvin the Martian just had to wait a few years.

Funny Martian Christmas

Martian Christmas
Member reactions:
Full view recommended. Quality work. I'd put a Christmas hat on the alien (and maybe even on the astronaut) for extra effects
Just for you, Newsy.. And a star on the tree too.
Most excellent, Peg. Thanks, you are a magician.

Funny martian cardholder

martian cardholder

Funny Martian Rock

Martian Rock
There is LIFE in Mars... Story Here
Member reactions:
Take me to your leader. Or to McDonalds. Which ever one is closer.
Theres alot of black left over around the lower arms of the martian, you could probably clean it up a bit more
very nice entry, lil guy looks cool- well done.
i like how look the martian, zoom effect help it a lot to focus

Funny Martian Winter

Martian Winter
Here's an idea: We could have a lottery, give some average schmuck a chance to live in the Martian colony.
Member reactions:
I'm a big Bush fan, but this is classy criticism. Very good work.

Funny Martian Police

Martian Police
Martian Police Investigating Mars Rover.
Member reactions:
That does it. I'm cancelling my travel plans to Mars.. Love the police car.

Funny Martian Crafts Yard

Martian Crafts Yard
So That's Where They All GO.

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