First man to reach Mars
First man to reach Mars
First man to reach Mars. Elon Musk
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Congrats on the Bronze and another brilliant chop but same issue with masking of the bike.

Funny Worm Moon Mar.20,2019

Worm Moon Mar.20,2019
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Fantastic pic of "One Heck Of A Guy", I mean that in a Good Way.
Cool scene. You might put his thumbs behind the steering wheel though.

Funny Mar Mot

Mar Mot
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Looks Good, but why is he all gray.

Funny NASA InSight lander on Mars

NASA InSight lander on Mars
Insight on Mars



Funny Oil Rig off of Mar a Lago Resort

Oil Rig off of Mar a Lago Resort
An Oil Rig needs to be build in front of this Sh**thole...

Funny Mars


Funny Unknown Green troupes invasion to Mars

Unknown Green troupes invasion to Mars
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Cool as always, and got heads swapped with a minute to spare.
Always the comedy hahahahah.... You got everything in this
Thank you, Mr.Hits. Now we can't use politicians and celebrities. Soon we will paint only butterflies and joking about cats and dogs.

Funny Mars Attacks on Trumps Watch

Mars Attacks on Trumps Watch
Mars Attacks on Trumps Watch
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Impressive. Monster should have Putin's face.

Funny Robots on Mars

Robots on Mars
NASA Space Robotics Challenge Prepares Robots for the Journey to Mars

Funny "Historic" Mars Discovery

Contest Directions: NASA reports that the Curiosity rover has made a historic discovery on Mars, but they denied to elaborate on the details yet. Curiosity Chief Scientist John Grotzinger said that the discovery will be officially revealed in several weeks, and "it's so big that it will be one for the history books". These NASA statements gave grounds for many speculations that the Curiosity rover finally discovered the signs of life on the red planet. But it could be anything really, we'll have to wait several weeks to know for sure. While NASA would like us to wait for the official announcement, let's "leak" what the discovery might (or might not) be - show what (or whom) Curiosity discovered.

Funny News in Pictures Feb 26 - Mar 4

News in Pictures Feb 26 - Mar 4
Create images of something that happened in the news from 2/26/07 - 3/4/07. Here's an example of a recent news story that could be used. It seems that hail struck the space shuttle Atlantis on Monday. NASA had to move the the spacecraft inside a holding bay because of the shuttle damage. My instincts tell me that Discovery found out that Endeavor was sleeping with Atlantis and summoned the storm to sabotage the upcoming mission. But that's just me, I love conspiracy theories. In the Author's Comments, it is mandatory to link to a news story. You should use this format to make a link: [URL=""] news title [/URL]

Funny Mars Rover

Mars Rover
Where will the Mars Rover go now? What will happen to the Mars Rover? Show the Mars Rover exploring other places of interest or what will become of the Mars Rover. Create images using the Mars Rover!

Funny Mars

What will robotic rover Spirit find? Evidence of past life on Mars? Little green men? Starbucks? Use your imagination to show what you think rover will find on Mars.

Funny Mars & Beagle Probe

Mars & Beagle Probe
Where is the Beagle Probe? What could be blocking the signal? What could have interfered with its' mission to Mars? Photoshop your idea of what could have happened to the Beagle Probe!

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