Freaking News Celebrity Marriage
Freaking News Celebrity Marriage
Freaking News Celebrity Marriage. Member reactions:
hhhhhhhhhhhh good one ,, kratos you should erase the beard xD hhh
Ya gotta admit, kratos does have pretty eyes...(think rain might need glasses however)
So, this is what 'Brain-Scramble' looks like.(.). Love the Tie.
Funny. errr I hope Are ye Trying to test anyboby's character. Plaid pants, I thought I was the only one that wore those anymore hehehehehee
Looks like I joined Tojo's Scottish army. Time to join the Kamikaze Celts too, .

Funny Chelsea Clinton & Chelsea's Marriage

Chelsea Clinton & Chelsea's Marriage
Member reactions:
chelsea makes quite the handsome man here
Sid is right. I see you hand painted most of the figure parts, - exceptional work.

Funny Eminem's Marriage

Eminem's Marriage
stuff i used
Member reactions:
What a happy looking couple, wedding night.
They look so concerned, . Great chop pree.

Funny Potter and Radcliff Marriage

Potter and Radcliff Marriage
Member reactions:
I agree with the owl, "this pic is an absolute hoot."
Totally what Said said. Love the owl and the HUGE rock on the bride's hand.
Bronze wedding for Arizona too. Congrats.
hey congrats on the bronze too teacher great work

Funny Tiger Woods Dummy Marriage Book

Tiger Woods Dummy Marriage Book
Member reactions:
Clever chop, but perhaps add some shadows from his fingers onto the book (look how his arms cash shadows on the T-shirt)
only $9.99. Two for $29.99
I agree w/ NewsMaster.... Hands need some shadows. In Full View it's really obvious (plus it could help hide some of the choppy-ness on the right hand fingers
...or 2 for $29.99.... Toooo funny.You got yourself a TigerWoodY...

Funny Successful Marriage Advert

Successful Marriage Advert
Member reactions:
Much better than your first black & white version.
Me likes it better too. Me thinks it's hilarious.

Funny Angry Husband Tears Up Marriage Certificate

Angry Husband Tears Up Marriage Certificate
Member reactions:
There's a black box round the man head, but I do really like this.

Funny Frankenstein's Marriage Photo

Frankenstein's Marriage Photo
Member reactions:
the backround of this picture is amazing, very nice
Nice integration of multiple sources. Subtle ghost skull looks good.

Funny UFO Marriage

UFO Marriage
Marriage Proposal Triggers UFO Alert sources
Member reactions:
Good work but I think the houses on the right are superfluous to the image IMO
Story makes me wonder where those flaming lanterns landed. Creative image, and I would probably go a little easier on the special fx next time

Funny Martin Lawrence & Brad Pitt Marriage

Martin Lawrence & Brad Pitt Marriage

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