Marlboro Man
Marlboro Man
Marlboro Man. Barrack Obama by Thomas Hart Benton

Funny Marlboro Cyber Doll

Marlboro Cyber Doll
Doll source by RazielKanos deviantart

Funny Marlboro Whiskey

Marlboro Whiskey
Marlboro Whiskey...
Member reactions:
Nice fit, but lose the white inside the bottle, and flatten her fingers to hold the bottle.
Your style is not extended to the bottle.
Your style is not extended to the bottle.

Funny Marlboro Man

Marlboro Man

Funny Marlboro McDonald's Manchester United Man

Marlboro McDonald's Manchester United Man
Member reactions:
The French fry in the mouth dipped in ketchup is hysterical.
Hard to insert a so big french fry in a so small ketchup bottle. Details....
I would just focus on McDonald's and cigarettes here though... Manchester United is unneeded I think (unless there's some connection between them that I am unaware of).

Funny Marlboro Bio War Weapon

Marlboro Bio War Weapon
Cigarettes have been provided and promoted in wars as far back as we can remember. The original bio war weapon.

Funny Death in Marlboro Country

Death in Marlboro Country
Member reactions:
Very clever and I think it'd make quite an effective anti-smoking poster.
This message is for both Smokers and Passive Smokers here the rider is the smoker and the horse is passive smoker
Wiiiiiccccckkkkeeeedddd So cool. Congrads on the cup

Funny Marlboro Smoking Country

Marlboro Smoking Country
If Flav can't annoy you into quitting, nothing can.
Member reactions:
My PC crashed at the end of the 1st one of these I made, so I know this one isn't as good, but I wasn't gonna spend another 4 hours doing it all over again, especially since there wasn't that much time left in the contest. I just like the idea...
Ohh. its sad to know abt your PC.. hope better pic next time with full of your thought Good luck
Nice idea ... the clock ticks so faster its now time to quit
as a smoker, the positive benefits of smoking far outweigh the negative ones, for me personally (the immediate ones I know affect me now, and the increased risk of the others that may still come to pass). but, I think using "flavor" in this way is funny, so I turned it into a non-smoking thing. When I've played with this theme in the past, it was a decidedly pro-smoking message...whatever. One works with the theme given.
also, almost all members of my family, smoker and non-smoker alike, going back 5 generations, die of the same thing, and it doesn't happen until well after their 80th birthdays (though, no one seems to make it to 90, again, regardless of smoker-status). I'm not saying I won't get lung cancer, but even with the increased risk from smoking, the chances for someone with my DNA are low. Essentially, I'm saying, "F U Surgeons General."

Funny Marlboro Menthol Home Air Filters

Marlboro Menthol Home Air Filters
Marlboro Menthol Air Filters...Who better to filter your air than the company that has been doing it since the cowboy days. Clean Minty, , fresh air. If you see it smoking you know that it is working.......
Member reactions:
Thanks everyone for your votes and comments.
Yes this is a better idea to inhale smoke and feel better inside with the Menthol filter Nice work on smoke. I feel like inhaling this
Thanks again for al of the comments and votes
congrats Kenny. Very nice work. They sell these at Walmart right.
Congrats on your first gold with us, Kenny. A killer chop.
haha...awesome work Kennyb , Congratulations on 1st . Very creative .

Funny Welcome to MARLBORO Country

Welcome to MARLBORO Country
Who said dino's WERE interacting with humans. They still are..
Member reactions:
I guess when you hunt Dino's cigarettes don't seem so dangerous anymore....

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