McDonalds Marlboro French Fries
McDonalds Marlboro French Fries
McDonalds Marlboro French Fries. Not your average fast food.
Member reactions:
rolling on the floor with laughter at the warning...Outstanding..
Freaking hilarious. Genius concept. Love the warning too.
My arteries went hard just voting on this hahahahahaa Nice one indeed
Congrat's on the gold.. funny idea. Cheers Mandrak
killler ))) congrats ... they really should,, post a warning.....
Congrads KB, an out of the park hit as we have all come to expect. I love your sense of humor too May you always brighten our day... cheers mate.
Bee strikes again. Golden fries here cholesterol free - congrats.
Thank you all once again. I am honored to chop along such great competitors.

Funny Pall Mall Marlboro Smokes

Pall Mall Marlboro Smokes
Member reactions:
Great blend - looks natural - almost subtle.

Funny James Dean Marlboro Advert

James Dean Marlboro Advert
Member reactions:
The man smoked, Harley. That part isn't photoshopped. However, what could change is the spelling of "surgeon".
Looks very natural.Probably would have gotten that job away from Tom Selleck.

Funny marlboro man

marlboro man
Sorry, Johnny.
Member reactions:
I think Johnny would have liked this one. Great job.

Funny Marlboro


Funny Marlboro

Because We Care About Your Health.

Funny Marlboro Stadium

Marlboro Stadium

Funny Marlboro Buds

Marlboro Buds

Funny Jeremy Clarkson the Marlboro Man

Jeremy Clarkson the Marlboro Man

Funny Marlboro Inhaler

Marlboro Inhaler
The smoking of the future
Member reactions:
The idea has a merit but the chop is so small, it's hard to grade it real high

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