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Funny Marketing Pictures

Carrying Chrysler to the marketFunny Carrying Chrysler to the market
Member reactions:
Chrysler IPO
Chryslet. Is that you HIDDEN. You gotta' start using a Dictionary.
Oh, boy, and to think that just years ago Chrysler was about to fold and file for bankruptcy.
Washed this space, there was a mistake written here...
Well done Luciano. Congrats on the bronze

Fish Market ManFunny Fish Market Man
Member reactions:

He bought fish and television to America
Excellent piece of work House, Congrats for the silver
Excellent, HoHouse. Congrats. I feel already fish smell. Is it fresh.

Meeting for MarketFunny Meeting for Market
Member reactions:

This is really freaky and funny Putin looks too funny
Ahhhh I thought this was could have been done by Doc, but leaned more towards Wanderer. Very good and congrats on the cup oh tricky one
Silver congrats, noruss. Putin boy made me giggle here

Up MarketFunny Up Market
Member reactions:

Cheap on petrol
Crazy ride.. Poor Animal a near reality when Gasoline will gone from our planet
Intelligent idea, but rabbit vs donkey is freaky tricky here for carrot
Thanx for your comments rajeshstar and ericnorthead
Just plain ridiculous hahahahah. I have been to a lot of third world countries and you do see this sort of thing It really isn't funny, people are just making due, but sometimes in the most bizarre ways, Good job
Nice, clean, & mental, great chop Penaplonk
Excellent chops, though, some shadows (e.g. from the car onto donkey, from the boy onto car) would really help
Thanx for the comments everyone....yes I agree newsmaster more shadows would look better

Morning Farmers Market (Dutch masters, XVI century)Funny Morning Farmers Market (Dutch masters, XVI century)
Member reactions:

Excellent job done love to classical touch given good job in guarding the turkey with all the Veggies well done
Superb. Creative thinking and very well executed
Very artistic. the added sausage and the absolut vodka bottle.

Marketing BarcodesFunny Marketing Barcodes
Member reactions:

"I lost count of how many tomes of Marketing Wisdom like this I've waded through at various Ad Agencies...Just mind numbing, all of it."
Welcome to America and the concept of Capitalism. "I'll buy TWO."

Black Market Honey DealerFunny Black Market Honey Dealer
Member reactions:

Due to the bees dying, honey has become scarce...unfortunately it can only be found in the most unexpected areas on the black market. Better in full view.
the little kid looks alien great look on face of the big kid
Alien, is an interesting way of looking at it, . He's supposed to be uhm...slow (hope I don't offend anyone).
...and the full view shows many treats, like Pablo honey.
nice one benzibox .. congrats on the woody and keep going
I wonder who's the guy in the Jar, Congrats on the Win
Congrats on the wood, Benzi. You keep entertaining us with your chops.

Targeting a Young New  Cigarette MarketFunny Targeting a Young New Cigarette Market
Member reactions:

Aee large please
Must be from out of town...(.)Nice work-good luck.
Congratulations. Not a winner this contest but, a memorable image. Nice work.
Totally love how you turned the boy into an alien. - he looks natural.

Chocolate on the Stock MarketFunny Chocolate on the Stock Market
Member reactions:

I see a trend in the rising stocks here
Clean, funny and should do well. Women and chocolate, what a pairing. Just something about a woman all coated in Hersheys tha tmakwes a man hungry
Invest wisely - in chocolate, not in gold. Quality work.
Hmmmmm, great chop, should have done better but hey, WTH... I put some good ones in lately too that went splat. Great job pal.

Porsche marketingFunny Porsche marketing
Member reactions:

Stock Market CrashFunny Stock Market Crash - Stocks of Dow Jones industrials and Standard and Poor 500 index had the worst week in 5 years, with over a trillion dollars wiped from the shareholders. The stock fall was initiated by investors' concerns about rising borrowing costs for companies and homeowners. High loan costs already caused the decline of real estate markets across the USA, with some states (e.g. Florida) seeing as much as 50% drop in the real estate sales. Photoshop the reasons, crisis, or effects of the stock market crash. Show how stock exchange downfall could affect companies, ordinary people or the whole life on this planet - think bankruptcies, devaluation of currency, and fortunes lost.

Product MarketingFunny Product Marketing - Add products (food, electronics, or any other products) to any famous images including movie scenes or posters, paintings, sculptures, etc.

Brand MarketingFunny Brand Marketing - Come with a new brand marketing campaign or advertisement (for any famous organization / company) which may have to be retracted.

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