Marilyn .

Funny Marilyn Monroe on $10 Bill

Marilyn Monroe on $10 Bill
Member reactions:
Love the chop and how you did the texture

Funny Marilyn Monroe's Tattoo Shop

Marilyn Monroe's Tattoo Shop
Pretty In Ink
Member reactions:
. Superb.Maybe hat's shadow could be darker.
Just a fine tribute to Marilyn. Full of sweetness and very nicely put together.
Great piece, a feast for the eyes, so much to look at all well done. Not sure if those are supposed to be black velvet paintings but that's the feel I get, love the tats on the cat, is that one of them nekkid cats.
Super close between 4th and 5th, great job, andwhat.
Nice work and great tribute andwhat. The cat is a nice touch.
Thanks Swashbuckle,Lucianomorelli,UncleChamp my friend,and Robb.Thanks Robb ,and yes it's a spyinx,hairless cat .

Funny Marilyn AKA Dita

Marilyn AKA Dita

Funny Myopic Marilyn

Myopic Marilyn
What big eyes you have. (The better to see you with my dear)

Funny Marilyn Monroe Mixed with Frank Sinatra

Marilyn Monroe Mixed with Frank Sinatra
Member reactions:
Somehow he feels quite natural in this role

Funny Cholafied Marilyn Monroe

Cholafied Marilyn Monroe
Member reactions:
Pretty cool. I'd make the lip lines a bit narrower

Funny Marilyn Monroe 2014

Marilyn Monroe 2014
Marilyn Monroe is the 6th biggest grossing dead celebrity in 2013, the actress "earned" $ 15 million .. Seeing this I decided to bring it to the current time and advertise your own perfume
Member reactions:
Extremely Well Done. In the background right side..think I would have swapped out Paris's name for Marilyn's. One letter P to M. but that's just me.

Funny Marilyn Manson with Double Vision

Marilyn Manson with Double Vision

Funny Marilyn Monroe with a Long Nose

Marilyn Monroe with a Long Nose
Member reactions:
Sides of nose could have been blended better. What were you thinking, Icy.
Hahaha, Icy talking to herself. Seriously Icy, I am going through all the entries now, and I see you commented on most of them in such a big contest. Excellent critiques too. Hats off to you, Icy.

Funny Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson
Rock freak Marilyn Manson is celebrating his 40th birthday today. Born Brian Warner, the birthday guy rose to fame in the 1990s as the frontman of the metal band Marilyn Manson. He's been known for the freaky makeup appearance and outrageous stage performance. The name Marilyn Manson was formed from the first name of Marilyn Monroe and the last name of serial killer Charles Manson. To mark the 40th birthday of Marilyn Manson, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe
Show what movies Marilyn Monroe would (or would not) act in nowadays, what products she would promote & endorse, or what public and private life she'd be living.

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