Marilyn. . Member reactions:
Shouldn't she look at the phone or selfie already taken .

Funny Marilyn

Would not be as fragile as before.. Member reactions:
Clean blending, but what's up with the top gray/white margin.

Funny Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe still has a very unique look, even today. Digital Art.. Member reactions:
Interesting work showing Monroe blond. Actually she was naturally blond, but dyed her hair through all her Hollywood career
Thank you to all who voted for this picture. I feel honoured.

Funny Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe is immortalized in many pictures, old movies, and she even had a song written in honour of her by Elton John. Yet, Marilyn led a very tragic life and died alone in her bed, of a drug overdose, either by mistake or intent. She is an interesting person to draw.. Member reactions:
Yes.... very right she is the most beautiful girl the world lost
Quality work.I wish the image were bigger though

Funny Marilyn Monroe finger

Marilyn Monroe finger
Diamonds, like Marilyn are forever.. Member reactions:
Well fitted Marilyn into that finger well fitted chop
Quality work, Azure. Glad you are entering again.

Funny Irish Marilyn Monroe

Irish Marilyn Monroe
. Member reactions:
Great dress, lips, ear rings, flower on the shoulder and hair all the stuff were studded with green, looking like a fairy Green

Funny Matt Damon as Marilyn Monroe

Matt Damon as Marilyn Monroe
. Member reactions:
Nice color, and nice lighting effects, clean good job done

Funny Mitt Romney as Marilyn Monroe

Mitt Romney as Marilyn Monroe
. Member reactions:
Poor ... ha ha ha ha... very nice merge and good expression of a poor lady.
I would sugest fixing the little bit under the chin, just above the shadow. Otherwise a good entry.

Funny Jerry Lewis Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe Caricatures

Jerry Lewis Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe Caricatures
thank you paul... hehehehe bye from "hidden"
SEI SEMPRE UN MITO...(you're always great)
robbbbbbbbby grazieeeeeeee amico mio.....-----------------------------------------roby thank you my friend.......
hy black, thank you for you nice comment on the my works... thank you friend...
hi geriatric... thank you very much for the nice compliment
Great caricatures & composition, really crisp & clean look . . .
thank you all guys:zapscar tuco tomsager suni271980 spitfire46 roonma robinbobin renegade rajeshstar qtrmoonshop pixjockey otzie newsmaster mikella maroon5 macwithfries kellie jayl1 icecream grumpyotj groundzero geriatric gabol disasterman111 diamonds cicsaix bobrafto blooddiamond black ... blackhole aintme ---------------------------------------------
Bronze congrats, Riccardo. Actually, I thought this one would win because I grew up with these people.
Congratulations R2-D2, I mean RICKYTREK1 .

Funny Barack Obama as Marilyn Monroe

Barack Obama as Marilyn Monroe

Funny Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson
Rock freak Marilyn Manson is celebrating his 40th birthday today. Born Brian Warner, the birthday guy rose to fame in the 1990s as the frontman of the metal band Marilyn Manson. He's been known for the freaky makeup appearance and outrageous stage performance. The name Marilyn Manson was formed from the first name of Marilyn Monroe and the last name of serial killer Charles Manson. To mark the 40th birthday of Marilyn Manson, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe
Show what movies Marilyn Monroe would (or would not) act in nowadays, what products she would promote & endorse, or what public and private life she'd be living.

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