Maradona Upside Down
Maradona Upside Down
Maradona Upside Down.

Funny Diego Maradona Grinding Himself

Diego Maradona Grinding Himself
El Grande Mucho Bueno Source pic
Member reactions:
Great work, I see some hand painting is included too. My two nitpicks are (just to make it better): * Maradona's face somehow looks less recognizable. * not sure why he's wearing Irish T-shirt
I don't know, Newsie. Possibly a higher forehead. I did not change his face from the source very much but had to add hair where his arms covered it. The Irish shirt is there purely to show his respect and love for the Irish. and beer. Check source please
Congrats on the gold Hitspinner, great chop
TY, I wasn't sure if you guys would like it or not. I don't get out much and had no idea who this fellow was. I was just hoping I could drum up a generally funny bit for ya'll Oh, Oh , Oh P.S. For those of you that like country and bluegrass music, we will be broadcasting a neighborhood concert on It will be broadcast video and starts at Sat. July 10 at 3 PM Paciffic time to 7PM. We will be broadcasting this live so if ya want, stop by the chatroom and say howdy and listen while ya chop. It takes place just a few blocks from my place. You might even see my mug on there hamming it up
Congrads, Hitman excellent work and you like your Russian women tall.
I like Russian women period, D. They are sweethearts once you break down fear that you are a demon baby killer from the West hahahahh Very Kind Pixijocky. When you hang with artistic geniuses some of their brilliance is bopund to rub off. I stand under some pretty tall shadows but ocasionally pop of a flash bulb.
Congrats HS, well done and great imagination I want one of them rock man sculptures for the garden...
So true AZ, what a cool invention. I ran across that and was all impressed with the applications around the house
Congrats HS on the big win. Best concept in the contest, well done.

Funny Diego Maradona in Drag Singing

Diego Maradona in Drag Singing
Member reactions:
Scary it is. and I assume the source photo was of Madonna. Then what is that long brown line on her left leg,

Funny Diego Maradona Running with a Cigar

Diego Maradona Running with a Cigar
Member reactions:
Quality caricature composition showing Maradona's hypothetical run IF Argentina won.

Funny Sexy Diego Maradona Mowing the Soccer Field

Sexy Diego Maradona Mowing the Soccer Field
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze SidKain, well done
Hahahah funny stuff.. Is this dude gay for real.
Congrats SidKain Perhaps Maradona is really a woman...hehe
Realmente estupido este trabajo, y si lo dudas, ponete de espaldas, frente a Maradona, que parece es lo que te gustaria, trolo.

Funny Sheriff Diego Maradona

Sheriff Diego Maradona
"El pibe de oro" used to... SHOOT off his mouth

Funny Maradona is Tango

Maradona is Tango

Funny Diego Maradona Painting

Diego Maradona Painting
Member reactions:
Very clean art, me likey. The Nike embroidery is nice as well as the FN seal on the chair.
Oooo nice adaptation. haha the swoosh

Funny Guru Diego Maradona

Guru Diego Maradona
Member reactions:
The snake coming out of the old soccer ball is a great touch here.

Funny Maradona Sailor Boys

Maradona Sailor Boys

Funny Maradona Stunts

Maradona Stunts
Soccer icon Diego Maradona, now the coach of Argentina team, made a public promise in the beginning of the 2010 World Cup: "I'll run n4k3d through Buenos Aires if we win World Cup". Unfortunately for Maradona, his team suffered a shameful defeat 0:4 from Germany in the quarter-final game and flew home without any medals. Now that Maradona's "nekkid" publicity stunt promise failed, what other (publicity) stunts Maradona will turn to, in order to draw attention and save the shattered reputation of Argentina team? Maradona has always been unpredictable and surprising, so lets see what stunts he may come up with :)

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