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Funny Manson Pictures

Courtney Cox and Marilyn MansonFunny Courtney Cox and Marilyn Manson
Member reactions:
Courtney OR Manson...

Marilyn Manson as a GeishaFunny Marilyn Manson as a Geisha
Member reactions:

Two Faced Mad Hatter and Marilyn MansonFunny Two Faced Mad Hatter and Marilyn Manson
Member reactions:

Very clever. One of my faves in the contest.
Should have finished higher in my opinion.. Really well done.

Marilyn Manson the Tree ManFunny Marilyn Manson the Tree Man
Member reactions:

Marilyn Manson in Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryFunny Marilyn Manson in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Member reactions:

Hmm, when I think of freak..

Symmetrical Marilyn MansonFunny Symmetrical Marilyn Manson
Member reactions:

...don't think this guy has a good side Clean.

Jay Leno Marilyn MansonFunny Jay Leno Marilyn Manson
Member reactions:

very scary but so modified there is no sign of Jay leno in the picture

Marilyn Manson in The Seven Year ItchFunny Marilyn Manson in The Seven Year Itch
Member reactions:

Freaky pair. Monroe's face looks like she's a villain now.

Marilyn Manson in DragFunny Marilyn Manson in Drag
Member reactions:

Nice . there is a little overlap of layers above right eye where light meets dark. appart from that great job
Is it really a chop with MM....-)Looks good.

Marilyn MansonFunny Marilyn Manson
Member reactions:

There's quite a few "blotchy" spots up round hat/head/manson that are easy fixed if ya up brightness in PS. But I'm just gonna pretend they aren't there cause this is pretty good stuff ya'v made.
I missed the "blotchy" spots, thanks for overlooking them. I need to adjust my monitor.
You can still edit the image before the contest voting ends
cool, i didnt't realize you could edit after voting started.
Good fix & congrats

Marilyn MansonFunny Marilyn Manson - Rock freak Marilyn Manson is celebrating his 40th birthday today. Born Brian Warner, the birthday guy rose to fame in the 1990s as the frontman of the metal band Marilyn Manson. He's been known for the freaky makeup appearance and outrageous stage performance. The name Marilyn Manson was formed from the first name of Marilyn Monroe and the last name of serial killer Charles Manson. To mark the 40th birthday of Marilyn Manson, photoshop him any way you wish.

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