Office Mannequin
Office Mannequin
Office Mannequin. Member reactions:
This is great, very nicely blended its hand and very good placement in Office with Lunch tag

Funny Mannequin Man Sky Surfing

Mannequin Man Sky Surfing
In the year 2042 , FreakingNews takes over all News papers & Media coverage around the world
Member reactions:
Fantastic work, Virtual reality shown, fuel getting low Awesome work on dummy Super like
Thank you Kellie , Diamonds , Jim ,& Eric for your comments
Its really a wonderful work done, like the way the skate boat and the Mannequin shining body floats in the air
Thank you Rajeshstar , i put a plastic texture on the skin
www thank you Balodiya , musicalnote , Lucido5 & Nepaguy59
Congrats, on winning the Gold Chili. Fantastic piece of art beat me in the home stretch, my friend. I'll get there someday....silver's as good as gold to me.... Way to dear friend.
Hahaha, we are taking over the world, one chop at a time. Thanks for this great chop. and congrats on the gold.
Thx alot Jerry , Newsy , Paul & Roberto ..
Thx alot Jerry , Newsy , Paul & Roberto ..
Thx Lucido5 ...

Funny Mannequin Late for Work

Mannequin Late for Work
Member reactions:
Thoughtful entry, like the way he is coming out from the frame

Funny Mad Mannequin

Mad Mannequin
Member reactions:
Great concept.....well done. Welcome aboard, the crazy world of Freaking News.....
Thank you for the nice comments. I didn't even know there was a website dedicated to photoshop comps. I have a feeling this will get addictive.

Funny Mannequin Train Travelers

Mannequin Train Travelers
Member reactions:
This is it Lovely work, very clean cleaver and great effects love this entry
Nice execution of the Mannequin, looks good in this attire excellent work on the lady and the train background so clean and smooth work
Well done & so surreal nepaguy59 ,congrats on the silver ...
One more thing , i should of let you win the gold because you made me that amazing profile picture on FB , .... Thx again , i love it.
Love how you used the mannequins, but have one minor critique - the female mannequin's face looks flat. Congrats on the silver, nepaguy.
Thanks, everyone. I hear you Newsy....I should have fixed it.

Funny Mannequin Man Walking Through Wrong Door

Mannequin Man Walking Through Wrong Door
Member reactions:
This is ideally perfect, Great security hidden

Funny Scarlett Johansson Mannequin

Scarlett Johansson Mannequin
Thought I would try a mannequin of Scarlett Johansson.
Member reactions:
Thank you BOULPIX, diamonds, geriatric and RICKYTREK1.. nice of you all to take the time and leave a comment.
Thanks Disasterman111, pcrdds, rajeshstar.. your comments are much appreciated.
thanks HoHouse and funkwood... appreciate your kind compliments. It's my highest finish yet...heheh. cheers

Funny Mannequin Coming to Life

Mannequin Coming to Life

Funny The Mannequin's Dream

The Mannequin's Dream
The Mannequin's Dream

Funny Mannequins in a Flea Market

Mannequins in a Flea Market
New Store just opened...Theme Story

Funny Mannequin Man

Mannequin Man
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of mannequin man in a shop (image credit: Ludovic Bertron) any way you wish. Some examples are - re-dressing this shop mannequin, mane the mannequin man perform some stunts, use this shop mannequin image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Mannequins as Humans

Mannequins as Humans
[ Mannequins have been long used for crash tests and in first aid and CPR training. Now hospitals have access to $20,000 computerized mannequin which actually delivers a plastic baby and can simulate 12 various emergency situations - a step in making mannequins with more human functions. ] So, there you have it - mannequins are not dummies any more - they are actually more humans than many of us. They already show us how to deliver babies. Next, they will show us how to make babies. Sure, the whole process is a simulation, but who says women don't simulate in real life? I had a mannequin girlfriend once, and she was the best girlfriend I had - never bugged me with silly questions, didn't spend hours in clothes departments, and always sat next to me while I drank beer and watched football. It's a pity we broke up - she left me for another mannequin. In this contest you are asked to show mannequins living as humans, and doing jobs and relationships humans do.

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