Kiss Mania
Kiss Mania
Kiss Mania. Member reactions:
had to do some retouches please look at full view to see the whole work thanks
Appreciate your comments You guys thanks

Funny Obama Skeleton Mania

Obama Skeleton Mania
Obama You Are Caught.

Funny Rembrandt mania

Rembrandt mania
Member reactions:
Very similar idea to the 'Judging for a winner.' entry in the Street Artists competition.
I was referring to the use of other people's chops. do you know it doesn't belong to hidden author.
I like this more than the seemingly unending 'shops of the pic itself.
Dream they can't all belong to hidden author because one is mine and one is Mandraks from a previous contest. Whoever this is has my permission to uses my image and/or images.

Funny Soccer Mania - 2014 FIFA World Cup edition

Soccer Mania  - 2014 FIFA World Cup edition
Whether you're a true fan or just a soccer spectator, this summer's festival of footwork is sure to thrill fans across the globe as 32 teams compete for international stardom and soccer's highest honor -- the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Held once every four years, the World Cup is considered to be one of the globe's biggest and best sporting events. It started with the Opening Ceremony on June 12th, and will caps off on July 13 with the championship match. The football World Cup is already the biggest-ever betting event in Britain, bookmakers said Monday, with online gambling expected to help turnover hit more than one billion pounds. For the 2014 FIFA World Cup, create images of soccer ball(s) integrated into something (architecture, everyday items, haircuts, etc.), or give soccer theme to movies and paintings (e.g. add soccer balls and turn the (movie or paintings) characters into die-hard fans of their country teams). Alternatively, show soccer being played with some new objects (like in this example). Many thanks to lucianomorelly for the themepost.

Funny Flag Mania

Flag Mania
This Thursday is a Flag Day in the United States. Flag days also exist in other countries, some of them are observed quite interestingly. In UK, Hong Kong, and India, a Flag Day is a day when charity organizations raise funds on the streets and door-to-door; donors are then given small flags showing that they have donated to charity. Take national flag of any country and paint it on any person, object or animal. Some examples are: Chinese bugs with Chinese flag paint-jobs, celebrities showing their colors with flag paint-jobs on their faces, famous buildings, movies and paintings getting a flag paint-jobs, etc.

Funny Clock Mania

Clock Mania
Past Sunday at 2 am America turned clocks back an hour ago - this ended the daylight saving time for this year. Europe adjusted clocks a week ago - they call it "summer time". The daylight saving time convention started in 1907 to use natural light for an extra hour and conserve energy. In this contest you are asked to design new watches and clocks (sundials, hourglass are OK too) from other things, or redesign existing watches and clocks (or sundials, and hourglass) with some unusual elements.

Funny Meat Mania

Meat Mania
Lady Gaga has really angered PETA this time. The outrageous lady accepted the "Video of the Year" award for "Bad Romance" at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night and she did it in meat dress, meat hat, and meat shoes. She also had a meat purse and she let Cher hold it while accepting the award. Earlier this month, Gaga wore a meat bikini for the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan. Re-design any products or objects by making them partially or fully made of meat.

Funny Snow Mania

Snow Mania
Let's "go with the snow" and show some creative ways to cope with or use the snow that has hit Northeast. How will life change in Northeast while the "snow season" lasts?

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