Johanna Jonsson Manga
Johanna Jonsson Manga
Johanna Jonsson Manga. Original
Member reactions:
Great job even if she looks a bit asymmetric.
You did a very clean manga work with the source.

Funny Shirley Temple Manga

Shirley Temple Manga
Shirley Temple
Member reactions:
Great Manganized Caricature. I find it hard to recognize Shirley though. Maybe it's just me. Possibly a link to the source pic would help.. Thanks for the link Hidden. A Very Nice WorX.
Fantastic lighting, tones , and textures. Just Keeps Getting Better. One of The Best in this Contest. Good Luck.
Manga chops are always a bit harder to recognize as the face proportions change. I think she's recognizable here, just as a young woman, not a child.
Lovely Shirley looking innocent and beautiful

Funny Katy Perry Manga

Katy Perry Manga
Member reactions:
She looks so pretty and beautiful and the Crazy idea of Cake Icing as her crown very well done

Funny Adele Manga

Adele Manga

Funny Amanda Seyfried Manga Caricature

Amanda Seyfried Manga Caricature
Amanda Seyfried
Member reactions:
Lovely deep eyes... which has some desire to fall into it. here ear rings were also so matching with the eye lids beautiful
The eyes is working like a weapon Marvaleous work done
Wonderful eyes, cute face with smooth skin

Funny Kate Bosworth Manga

Kate Bosworth Manga
Member reactions:
Nice sad look given to the source.... and lovely beads near her eye lids looks beautiful
Many thanks for comments Stevegsq, Rajeshstar, Ericnorthend, Suni.

Funny Wesley Snipes Manga Caricature

Wesley Snipes Manga Caricature
Member reactions:
He looks more alien nice work on his eyes and the forehead good crisp image...
Fabolous He is not looks 50, Looks like a sweat boy.
Congrats paulac ... though, my honest critique is that I don't see any resemblance to Wesley Snipes ... If I had seen this image, unrelated to this contest, I honestly would not know who it was supposed to be.

Funny Indiana Jones Manga

Indiana Jones Manga
Member reactions:
nice eyes nice job =)
Well molded face, the eyes look big and the nose small very funny ...
He got Extra brain

Funny Amanda Seyfried Manga

Amanda Seyfried Manga
Member reactions:
So clean like her big eyes good and lovely job done
Thank you this is my first attempt at Manga

Funny Michelle Pfieffer Manga with Pink Hair

Michelle Pfieffer Manga with Pink Hair
Member reactions:
She is looking gorgeous in pink with pink eyes, hair and lips. this one is excellent chop
A very special girl in pink. Killer manga style, very nice job
AWESOME, what a fantastic effects, very interesting especially her eyes..
This is really beautiful example of Manga.
Congrats on that woody, lady paulac. Two jobs on the podium...not bad at all

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