Jimi Hendrix Painting by Manet
Jimi Hendrix Painting by Manet
Jimi Hendrix Painting by Manet. Member reactions:
Energetic chop for sure. Party time at Monet's.

Funny Renoir vandalizes a Manet Painting

Renoir vandalizes a Manet Painting
Renoir vandalizes a Manet. Grenadier at Louvre, baffled.
Member reactions:
Great but IMO writing relief is excessive.
It isn't excessive if you are a Renior fan and NOT a Manet fan Thank you Luciano Morelli, Balodiya, Azure, Swashbuckle and Ericnorthend
Thanks Chris, Wander, Tusav, Pat and Bob.
Original view shows the full beauty here. Congrats on the silver, Hits.

Funny Charles and Camilla in a Manet Painting

Charles and Camilla in a Manet Painting
Member reactions:
This is so funny. It could have done with having the face colours more alike. But as it so funny and a brilliant idea, the technicalities area minor detail i dare say.
Hilarious, Camilla and the cat have same look of shock n awe
I want a pair of those briefs. . Nice one

Funny Woman Escapes Manet Painting

Woman Escapes Manet Painting

Funny Man Shoots a Mattador Painting by Manet

Man Shoots a Mattador Painting by Manet

Funny Manet Painting in 2014

Manet Painting in 2014
He would be a photoshopper
Member reactions:
TY It is a double OOB. I never tried it before, It has a front and back which I thought was rather novel.
Awesome work on the paint spills... good double out of bounds job
Excellent work. The mirrored table is ingenious
Outstanding, way to go Boss, Congrads on the Gold
Everytime I enter these type contests I can never get the tone or style of the artist correct. This reaches beyond just that... fantastic work.. Congratulations.
Thank you Bob, JS, HH, Luciano, Eric, Rajesh and NM. I hear you Jim, they are tough for me as well. If I can zero in on how to replicate the artist's technique or attack it with a unique twist I will try and enter one but otherwise I'm sort of intimidated. I was hoping Hobbit would enter and could see how she might handle an OOB Manet since she's been getting pretty expert at the whole OOB thing.
Congrats, Hitspinner. Added to favs. Thanks.
Glad you liked it. Thanks Pat, NM, PJ. Armatien and Doc.

Funny A Portrait Of Phil Robertson by Manet

A Portrait Of Phil Robertson by Manet

Funny Dorothy and Toto by Manet

Dorothy and Toto by Manet
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha cute little dog in Manet Painting good reflection
You picked a great theme too. I would not have believed it could work so well if I had not seen it for myself. VWD.

Funny Manet's Zombie Hunter Painting

Manet's Zombie Hunter Painting
The title could have also been "Shoot for the Head, Dummy." Three paintings blended into one.
Member reactions:
Great thinking here - one of the best chops in the contest
Awesome change of Original pic into a zombie like structure good one
What a classical shot, best practice place to chop Zombies
, a totally contemporary theme that works so well... Congrats on the cup..
nice..... Really great idea and executed with much talent congrats theroboco
Congrats on your first trophy with us, roboco.

Funny Salma Hayek by Manet

Salma Hayek by Manet
Member reactions:
good to see Salma in Manet painting clever job
Super work, good balance on hue-saturation
Cool, you took the path less traveled and did it very well...
Thank you NewsMaster, rajeshstar, ericnorthend and Hitspinner .

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