Nelson Mandela Holding His Nose
Nelson Mandela Holding His Nose
Nelson Mandela Holding His Nose.

Funny God Telling Nelson Mandela To Come With Him

God Telling Nelson Mandela To Come With Him
Member reactions:
Wonderful idea, pity it is late for contest
Decent work, this would definitely do well in the Mandela contest.
Bolt turn Mandela in heaven. .. at kast reached

Funny Fake Interpreter at Mandela Funeral

Fake Interpreter at Mandela Funeral
It seems the man doing the "sign language" at the Nelson Mandela funeral was a total fake and was "signing" nothing but jibberish. What an insult to everyone involved.
Member reactions:
Its clean job... good use of wave effect and multiple hands saying all but keeping himself silent good one
Hahaha, I saw the video with this guy... how the heck did he get to have this important job. I like how you showed his hand movements.
Congrats Doc. I did not even know who this guy was until you brought it to my attention. I did not watch any television last week so I guess I missed him. More gold to hold
Congrats, Paul. It was too hard recognize Obama. Is that guy from Kenya too.
Thanks, everyone. No, Andrew...he's from South Africa.
Congrats Paul.. So good... hard one to beat..
Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, azwoodbox. Thanks, JimShorts.
Nice One Paul...your chops just keep getting better and better...

Funny Holy Trinity Pope Mandela and Snowden Time Persons of the Year

Holy Trinity Pope Mandela and Snowden Time Persons of the Year
Member reactions:
Nelson is the only choice i have to put him as Person of the Year

Funny Hip Hop Nelson Mandela

Hip Hop Nelson Mandela
Member reactions:
good job but hands cutting is not accurate, moreover objects need to be shadowed otherwise thy seem far from hands and flying
Wish the masking on the hands was more accurate
Great job.... Hip Hop work on Mandela makes him Hot and talk of the town good caricature seen here

Funny Nelson Mandela as ET

Nelson Mandela as ET
Member reactions:
Fabulous work, perfection of his work for the society defensively attracted other planets ppl
Excellent chop... a alien like creature with a brian thinking of good for humanity protecting us from heaven abode RIP
Bronze for Mr. Jockey too - congrats again.

Funny Nelson Mandela the Freedom Cyborg

Nelson Mandela the Freedom Cyborg
Full View plz... Unresized Image
Member reactions:
Fantastic work, but it looks like the eyes were made with one eye photo symmetrically flipped. This makes the face look a bit cross-eyed
Out of the box, excellency on the chop with the robo arm and full body and the wire on the face are very well implanted. I love his green eye
Well illuminated robotic leader protecting its citizens and giving freedom for their lives... Lovely way you have designed this chop and the robotic touch given to him RIP

Funny Nelson Mandela and Child

Nelson Mandela and Child
Member reactions:
Funky Grand child and Grand Paa like the hair style
Looks like he needs some Dental work-better call Dr. Chuckles.

Funny Nelson Mandela Caricature

Nelson Mandela Caricature
Member reactions:
clean and brilliant work, his jolly smile is memorable
A world peace leader of the century RIP Mandela

Funny Nelson Mandela in Prison

Nelson Mandela in Prison

Funny Remembering Nelson Mandela

Remembering Nelson Mandela
On Thursday the world has lost a great believer in human rings and democracy, the man who spent 27 years incarcerated for fighting against apartheid, the man who became the first black President of South Africa to lead the country to the future without racial discrimination. The world has lost Nelson Mandela. He was 95. To pay tributes to Nelson Mandela, photoshop him any way you wish.

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