Manatee+Shar Pie
Manatee+Shar Pie
Manatee+Shar Pie.

Funny Manatee with a Human Face

Manatee with a Human Face
Member reactions:
Should have named it Mommatee. She Looks like she's yelling at Her child. Excellent Job.
She is worried to see her child inside the waters without oxygen good expression on her eyes well done
Freaking hilarious. Congrats on the silver, Franko.

Funny Manatee Hunters

Manatee Hunters
manatee hunters An anonymous complaint about Facebook pics showing harvested wild turkeys ended with charges being filed against some other guys, It seems that these hunters may have gotten away with shooting this Manatee. (or it's just a chop, you decide)
Member reactions:
And I suppose when the authorities come after you on this one, you'll try defend you actions by claiming this manatee to be roadkill too. Not Going to work this time. How are you going to explain that freaking bullet hole in my animal brothers head. I am really Po'ed this time. Calling my congress woman right now. Debbie Was-a-man Schultz. She will have your azzzes for lunch...
If she hurries she can have some of the manatee for lunch too. They taste just like chicken ya know.
Aren't there some wild turkeys near the white house that could use their expertise (ha).

Funny Huge Manatee

Huge Manatee
I got the idea for this from an old newspapre cartoon, so hardly original . fun to make and put in the poster form though THE MAKING
Member reactions:
You should win something just for the caption.
Would an underwater explosion look like this . Nice wrapped though. I want a postcard.

Funny Manatee in Manhatten River

Manatee in Manhatten River
It's probably just trying to escape the heatwave down south. PLEASE...VIEW FULL... Actual Story Pic Source
Member reactions:
Creative entry and creative text story. Make sure to view full and read the text.
Looks more like a whale ..Manatees are grayish but nice job
Great job on the text/story. Photo is very realistic too.
My absolute favourite in this contest. Love the detail.
On 8/8/2006 9:21:54 PM, sassyfras said: Looks more like a whale ..Manatees are grayish but nice job Not Always.... manatee pic
4's for a flawless entry. somebody needs glasses.
Thankyou Azure, I truly do appreciate it.

Funny Man Arrested for Giving Manatee a Beer

Man Arrested for Giving Manatee a Beer
Beer For My Manatee If there's one thing that manatees like better than being hugged or ridden, it's drinking beer. They just love beer.
Member reactions:
If a man can be arrested for touching a manatee. Don't you think a person might be running the same risk for Chopping a manatee. I'm not sure...Think I'll ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz, she's from manatee country she would know.
At risk for Chopping a manatee. Don't be silly, this is America. Land of the free.
Got ya worried Huh. Obama's latest executive order has changed the lyrics in the Star Spangled Banner to 'O'er the land of the free ride' Washington Post Opinion Article: No longer the land of the free

Funny Manatee Moore

Manatee Moore
Member reactions:
. To make this pop you coulda cloned some of the unusual "underwater lighting" effects from the other one over his face on a new layer and try messing around with the screen/lighten/overlay/soft light/hard lifgt blend modes to really sell the photorealism of the scene
This truly insults the manatee's... His face doesn't belong on any animal, it belongs on the face of Satan. Nice try though.

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