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Funny Management Pictures

Anger  managementFunny Anger management
Member reactions:

Like the Management Mantra by Muppet like the poster work

McDonalds Waste ManagementFunny McDonalds Waste Management
Member reactions:

Very clever and well done. For those who don't know it, Waste Management is THE major garbage collector in the United States.
Awesome concept. Totally where it the rubbish.
Maybe this would be a good recycling depot....great work.
good job and nice concept but i think u miss the part of the front tire near the ground looks sliced.check it out.
Congratulations. great job, perfect concept.
Thanks guys. I wonder if they supersize their bins.
Congratulations on the Gold Boss .. Excellent work ..

Tiger Woods Enters  Anger Management  RehabFunny Tiger Woods Enters Anger Management Rehab
Member reactions:
When his wife took their kids to Sweden, Tiger struggled with anger issues in rehab.

Dyslexia Anger ManagementFunny Dyslexia Anger Management
Member reactions:

many politicians follow this tactic. good idea

Anger Management Eating MeatFunny Anger Management Eating Meat
Member reactions:

Love the concept. In this fight the (beef) stakes are high.

Anger managementFunny Anger management
Member reactions:

Member reactions:


Bearded ManagementFunny Bearded Management
Member reactions:

Iran Anger ManagementFunny Iran Anger Management
Member reactions:

Ahmadinejad-Khamenei conflict, expensive and painful
Nice concept, but the image is rather blurry

The Grinch In Anger ManagementFunny The Grinch In Anger Management
Member reactions:

Wish the Grinch source was of better quality

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