Burning Man Tribal Police  Ooops
Burning Man Tribal Police  Ooops
Burning Man Tribal Police Ooops. Member reactions:
A stunning visual of a Burning Man / Inquisition blending. Well Done.
Great work on this, congrats on the gold Hits.
Congrats. Nice Work Hits. Ole Chris is not such a popular guy in some circles. (:
Hey Hits, darn good one and creepy, Congrats on the win.
Thank you Hobbit, SS, Reg, Manosart, Bob, Gummy* and Craftlord. Gummy quality has suffered due to illness plus this and that. Not to mention you guys are raising the bar a whole lot. Hahahahahaha I'll get back to high bar quality pretty soon once this inner ear BS lets me. Should be good to go shortly For the time I'm just quickly doing chops to be counted in the mix. This one though leaving much room for technical improvement has such a screwed up message it seems to have garnered extra points . Hey, I guess we all have a rather perverse sense of humor. I guess that is what partially makes us artists. Splatshot see above Ha.

Funny `I'm A Bad Man`

`I'm A Bad Man`
Member reactions:
Awesome image of a brawling drinking two fisted Pope.
I have used that source and you did a fine job...

Funny I'm Your Ice Cream Man

 I'm Your Ice Cream Man
................................... Click Here For the song ...................................
Member reactions:
This association also cross my mind. Nice Job.
Yeah Splat, Everyone likes ice cream.
HaHaHa hiliarous. A robo "Ding-Ding Man"
My cat makes the exact same face for ice cream.
^^^ That's what the cat said about you.
Looks like me when I'm handed "Ice Cream".Good Pic, that Robot can visit me anytime, just give me the cold stuff.
Nicely done classic GumMaster laughing my arse off Hobbit's comment
Top Job, Gummy. Congrats. Nice job with the edits.

Funny Peter Strzok Trash Man

Peter Strzok Trash Man
Member reactions:
He looks so dejected. Totally where he belongs. Great job.

Funny Trump The Neanderthal Man

Trump The Neanderthal Man
Member reactions:
Awesome idea for the Tower, Hobbit. Silver Congrats.
Silver Congrats, Hobbit. Great idea with Tower.
ReggieRey and SplatShot, thanks to the both of you..

Funny The Man Who Is `Full Of It`.

The Man Who Is `Full Of It`.
Member reactions:
Thank you SplatShot, Moore is so Discussing.
Wonderful Image, Hobbit. Congrats on the Win.
Congrads on the wood, as you can see my 9 doesn't count, so you just have to enjoy what you do and keep doing it.

Funny Banjo Man Steve Martin 1860

Banjo Man Steve Martin 1860
Member reactions:
He is Picking and I am Grinning, good one.
Great idea Icy, matched well the Banjo Man.

Funny No Man Left Behind!

No Man Left Behind!
Member reactions:
Very good chop, looks nice, Love it.
Fantastic details and lota pro work here, no simple head swap.. Congrats on the Silver Manosart.
Congrats on the Silver Cup, Mano. Super chopp'n.

Funny Marlboro Man

Marlboro Man
Barrack Obama by Thomas Hart Benton

Funny The RayBan Man

The RayBan Man

Funny Pope Francis "I'm A Bad Man"

Pope Francis
Pope Francis has acknowledged that his reputation pales compared to St. John Paul II. He revealed that he once made money by kicking people out of clubs as a bouncer in Buenos Aires. Then while greeting journalists Saturday en route to Lithuania, Francis quipped: "(Pope John Paul II) was a saint, I am the devil." Francis' quip appeared to acknowledge that he has his detractors, particularly among conservative Catholics. (Themepost Photo credit: TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images) With the Pope's latest revelations in mind, photoshop him as a tough guy, bouncer, or devil, anyway you wish. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. The story on his visit to the Baltics HERE

Funny Tornado Man

Tornado Man
It all started when Mr Wessels’s wife, Cecilia, was alerted by their nine-year-old daughter that he was mowing the lawn while a ferocious tornado loomed in the distance. When her husband refused to come inside, saying the cyclone was moving away from them, Mrs Wessels took a photo to show her parents the storm. The photo, which has been shared widely on social media, is a masterclass in nonchalance. Create REALISTIC images that display the same sort of nonchalance that Mr Wessel did as he continued mowing while a tornado played behind him. Use anything that reflects a danger, this could include falling objects, accidents, impending weather, floods, storms, hail, meteors, fire, etc, PLEASE NO ENTERTAINERS or CELEBRITIES. To read more about Tornado Man Visit This Link

Funny Tom Hardy as Venom in Spider-Man

Tom Hardy as Venom in Spider-Man
Oscar nominee Tom Hardy will portray the comic book anti-hero Venom in Sony's first-ever feature-length "Spider-Man" spin-off, the studio announced. The casting comes at a critical time for the studio's franchise based on the Marvel Comics' flagship wall-crawler. You're in the Casting Director's Chair...who would you put in the next Spider-Man? Create images of people you would like to see in the next Spider-Man movie! For more background on this story Visit This Link

Funny One Man Movies

One Man Movies
Good Hollywood movies are getting ridiculously expensive. If years ago the price tag of $200 mil was a record breaker ("Titanic" 1997), today $300 or even $500 mil is not uncommon for a decent movie. "Pirates of The Carribean" (2007) cost over $300 mil, half of which went to the movie stars (Depp, Bloom, Cruz, Knightley, and others). It's expensive to have many mega stars in one movie, but we have a solution for Hollywood which might help keep the costs down... Take any movie and photoshop one actor/actress playing all the roles in the movie (or at least all the roles in the chop). Show movie posters or movie scenes, but please note that it has to be one of the actual actors from that movie that will be playing all the roles (e.g. you can't make Johnny Depp play all the roles in "The Silence of The Lambs", because he was not there originally). Many thanks to IcyAllEyeCan for the contest concept, and to Evirio for the themepost.

Funny Half Made-Up Men

Half Made-Up Men
Many women are joining the growing trend in the social media - posting half made-up selfies. This latest craze, started by make up artist Nikkie from the Netherlands, is meant to show that women are beautiful with or without makeup. In this contest we are going to show that MEN can also be beautiful with or without makeup - take any MALE celebrity and add makeup only to one (vertical) half of his face. The themepost provides a good example. Many thanks to GarRobMil for the contest idea.

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