Funny Little stub, before play hockey with men try play with women

Little stub, before play hockey with men try play with women

Funny Daniel Craig As `Rocket Man`.

Daniel Craig As `Rocket Man`.

Funny Asparagus Man

Asparagus Man


Appropriately titled tv show on AMC.
Member reactions:
This is awesome chop... like the way it was executed and the water work is great and Putin trying to get out is really funny
Gold Congrats, Steve. You are right, Putin is daily swimming 1 kilometer.
Congrats Steve, really cool. Just to be a detail freak water soaked into Trumps trouser legs (darker) up the shin would be a nice touch. yet it's awesome enough.
Thank you Wanderer. And thanks PShaveyouseenthis, for the good tip. I should have thought of darkening it with some water spots of some sort.
I'm still admiring the detail though. The glint of light on the sole of the shoe at the waterline. Excellent work 😎
Thanks PS, but that glint was in the original source photo. The image comes from a popular promo piece for one of the Mad Men seasons.
Ah thanks for being honest. Still it's a skill in itself to source quality 😎

Funny Finally she met the Man.

Finally she met the Man.

Funny Bills Best Man Speech

Bills Best Man Speech
So after all this time Monika used Bill to get to Hillary.
Member reactions:
Great picture and place would be higher if Bill has his natural red nose. See first place as reference, just kidding.
Lol thanks Wanderer. I went for more of a shock outcome. The world just isn't ready for this yet.

Funny Spider-Man is arriving from the future

Spider-Man is arriving from the future
Arnold can be new Spider-Man if landing from the future will be successful again.
Member reactions:
Hahahaha had to be you, Andrew. You have developed a trademark sense of humor in your chops. Thanks for the smile
Picture was on second place all contest until duet from France (two last voters) voted. It happened not at first time when after their voting pictures loosing a lot of points. Why they always voting together and always the last. It is very strange. I never voted for all the time.
I just want to know why smallest score in the contest for this picture came from frenchman.

Funny Shatner man

Shatner man
Member reactions:
It looks like an advertisement against constipation
Denlig. Hey, at Shatner's age anytime you can go is a gift from Heaven. If it takes a Spiderman suit to coax it... rock on. . Good chop, John

Funny evolution of man removed from earth

evolution of man removed from earth
Member reactions:
Top 5 and welcome back,working your way to the top.
Yikes... Pretty darn cool. No eyes makes it even more menacing for some weird reason. T5 congrats

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