Bills Best Man Speech
Bills Best Man Speech
Bills Best Man Speech . So after all this time Monika used Bill to get to Hillary.
Member reactions:
Great picture and place would be higher if Bill has his natural red nose. See first place as reference, just kidding.
Lol thanks Wanderer. I went for more of a shock outcome. The world just isn't ready for this yet.

Funny Spider-Man is arriving from the future

Spider-Man is arriving from the future
Arnold can be new Spider-Man if landing from the future will be successful again.
Member reactions:
Hahahaha had to be you, Andrew. You have developed a trademark sense of humor in your chops. Thanks for the smile
Picture was on second place all contest until duet from France (two last voters) voted. It happened not at first time when after their voting pictures loosing a lot of points. Why they always voting together and always the last. It is very strange. I never voted for all the time.
I just want to know why smallest score in the contest for this picture came from frenchman.

Funny Shatner man

Shatner man
Member reactions:
It looks like an advertisement against constipation
Denlig. Hey, at Shatner's age anytime you can go is a gift from Heaven. If it takes a Spiderman suit to coax it... rock on. . Good chop, John

Funny evolution of man removed from earth

evolution of man removed from earth
Member reactions:
Top 5 and welcome back,working your way to the top.
Yikes... Pretty darn cool. No eyes makes it even more menacing for some weird reason. T5 congrats

Funny He's nowa men...

He's nowa men...
Member reactions:
Mrassad You are so good at layouts.. It took me an hour just to figure out how to make it look like the Enquirer,,,..

Funny Trump The Hurdy Gurdy Man

Trump The Hurdy Gurdy Man
Source painting by Hippolytus Lipinski
Member reactions:
Thank you Eduenrojas, that was very kind.
Great Artwork, Champ. I can feel President Donald's fury.
Thank you kindly SplatS. Truthfully though, I never could get a handle on this one. Was never really satisfied with it. Especially after seeing all the masterpieces entered. But I did get some awesome comments on it, FreakMaster, Eduen, Kellie, and SplatS, Thanks again.
As a piece of art that stands alone, it is pretty inventive. There wasn't anything in the rules that said you couldn't blend out the details from the original. I have done that a bunch of times, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. You got it to work as an entirely new piece and the expression is so freaking unflattering it is hilarious Sorry I am late commenting... I am late for everything.
Hey better late than never, and I thank you for the Words of Wisdom Hits. Appreciated, always good stuff. Looking back though I would have kept the details , much more interesting. The expression was actually a pic of a Trump Hissy-Fit , that I imagined a good “getting into his music jammin' look” not

Funny O'Reilly the Ice Cream Man

O'Reilly the Ice Cream Man
Member reactions:
Congrats on your win, it's a cutie, Love the sprinkles.
Gold Congrats, Preemiememe. Sweet picture. Excellent quality.
When I first saw this it reminded me of something Paul would do, looks like his style. Grats, and Kazowie.
Very nicely don, Kerri. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Not old man after long time with Hillary

Not old man after long time with Hillary

Funny Sorry man, you are not a winner!

Sorry man, you are not a winner!
Sorry man, you are not a winner. Accidentally I read your name in my Playboy magazine.

Funny Marathon Man

Marathon Man

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