Most Interesting Mammoth In The World
Most Interesting Mammoth In The World
Most Interesting Mammoth In The World. Member reactions:
Excellent pose given by a mammoth holding a cigar in the hand and challenging others really intresting
dos equis nice work Love the Stay Frozen My friends Great

Funny Vladimir Putin Riding a Mammoth

Vladimir Putin Riding a Mammoth
Member reactions:
Hahaha, another publicity stunt for Putin.
Looks like a painting suitable for hanging.
why Putin is off clothes .. funny ride in the cold weathers is amazing with Mammoths

Funny Mammoth Chief Obama

Mammoth Chief Obama
Member reactions:
All that is missing is hair around his face.
A little more blending on the nose and pick is too dark.
Great one, I am waiting for long to see this type of crazy pic of Obama, Well done and with the tusk and very funny on the Nose merge

Funny Barack Obama the Woolly Mammoth

Barack Obama the Woolly Mammoth
Member reactions:
YEE-HAAA. Doing the Oval Office two-step. Dance Wooly. Dance. Funny expression.
ha ha ha i am out of my mind looking this very funny Looking great with funny boots and Woolly Hair on him sorry tie also
So funny Obama Love it
Very Interesting job done here Very funny expression
Thanks everyone for supporting my Woollyless elephant.
Hysterical. Love the hair and shoes. Congrats on the wood, DD.

Funny Mammoth Beer

Mammoth Beer
"Stronger than their 'Elephant' beer. but it takes ages to dig out of the fridge." .
Member reactions:
if it weas that strong i might drink it more .
Great one, nice to see this conceptual beer well done

Funny Wooly Mammoth in Lock Ness

Wooly Mammoth in Lock Ness
Member reactions:
This is a great perspective and good elements, except I wish the camera was an old one and the entire piece was in black and white. Good work on the elephant and matching it in the viewfinder.
Thanks for your tips ,i just change the camera to an older camera but i think the image much better in color version than black and white..
I liked the mood to this, very realistic.

Funny Sarah Palin The Wooly Mammoth

Sarah Palin The Wooly Mammoth
Member reactions:
What can I say. Another entertaining visual step into the Rainman Zone.

Funny Mammoth Armadillo Elephant

Mammoth Armadillo Elephant
source pictures
Member reactions:
Preemie, you're the one...I love this chop. He's hilarious.
that's was really awesome try premm keep up the great works

Funny Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth
future chopper.
Member reactions:
Gr8 work with the hair & presentation all over.
Nice work on the fur coat. I agree with kellie.

Funny Mammoth Time Machine

Mammoth Time Machine
Member reactions:
i like this idea lots, maybe you could have work on it much more. . . like you could have twirled the rear proportion of the elephants body.. befriend the filters in Photo Shop as it will allow you much more freedom in expression,in effect allowing you to be much more creative. menu --> filter --> distort --> twirl. maybe read the OOB tutorial as well. another idea could have been you could have defined stronger shadow in the foreground where the front proption of the elephant is, this in effect will ground it much more. just some stuff for you to think about.

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