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Funny Mall Pictures

Great Mall of ChinaFunny Great Mall of China
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Wookie's Cookies - Bayshore MallFunny Wookie's Cookies - Bayshore Mall
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Much better than you'd expect. (The chocolate from Tantooine is really much better than Belgium chocolate, shhhh.) May 4th Special: Two "Chewy's Extra Chewy Bars" for 5 Decicreds.

The Mall at AthensFunny The Mall at Athens
Member reactions:
All philosophy, half off.
Great turn of Assembly at Athens into a Mall good idea and nice choice of Mall pic
Excellent Composed Creative thinking, The Mall looks very colorful

The Malls at NiagaraFunny The Malls at Niagara
Member reactions:

good job done... the falls were looking great
Made me laugh. Gotta be seen in full view. Congrats on the woo, paco.
Wood congrats Pacovilla, beautiful view

At The MallFunny At The Mall
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Thanks UncleChamp and Sunshin3. I appreciate the fact that the two of you understand how much work went into this.
OH-OH...looks like you missed the weenie-ball Win; my condolences. "One Balls & Noodles comin' UP."

Mall Brat With Her DogFunny Mall Brat With Her Dog
Member reactions:

The full view is breathtaking. Love what you did with her face
Way too Awesome of a and entry Excellent and Congrats
Thanks all. Another fun chop for me glad you enjoyed it.
Congratulations Xaos. Another wonderful image - well deseved 1st place.
Congrats, Mr. X. This brat rawks, even poleceman in the background admits.

Paul Blart - Mall Cop with an AK-47Funny Paul Blart - Mall Cop with an AK-47
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Pall Mall Marlboro SmokesFunny Pall Mall Marlboro Smokes
Member reactions:

Great blend - looks natural - almost subtle.

Chopping Mall ValentinesFunny Chopping Mall Valentines
Member reactions:

I fouond this movie title very fitting. I hope some of you get a laugh out of it.

Omaha Mall MassacreFunny Omaha Mall Massacre
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Services to Begin for Omaha Mall Victims Names of victims from left to right: - John McDonald, 65 years old. A customer from Council Bluffs, Iowa. - Angie Schuster, 36 years old. An employee. - Dianne Trent, 53 years old. An employee. - Maggie Webb, 24 years old. An employee. - Gary Joy, 56 years old. An employee. - Beverly Flynn, 47 years old. An employee. - Gary Scharf, 48 years old. A customer from Lincoln, Nebraska. - Janet Jorgensen, 66 years old. An employee. Nebraska is a Native American word that means "flat water".
You get a 10 from me, it might hurt my karma, but oh well.
Thanks Deb and KB KB, I appreciate that, but you could of voted normally rather than taking a hit. Seeing you lose 10 points is upsetting.
Congrat's Mark, As usual but a great quality image. Happinesses. mandrak
Thanks folks for the kind words Happy Holidays...
I'll get them back, I got tired of looking at the 175 so long. . congrats on 2nd. I was going by the voting scale rainman, I couldn't find anything wrong with the chop. Plus the tribute was very timely and beautifully composed. Still a 10 in my book.
I didn't see this until now. Thank you Rainman. This means a lot. I had wanted to do something but didn't get a chance. You did a perfect job.

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