Great Mall of China
Great Mall of China
Great Mall of China.

Funny Wookie's Cookies - Bayshore Mall

Wookie's Cookies - Bayshore Mall
Much better than you'd expect. (The chocolate from Tantooine is really much better than Belgium chocolate, shhhh.) May 4th Special: Two "Chewy's Extra Chewy Bars" for 5 Decicreds.

Funny The Mall at Athens

The Mall at Athens
All philosophy, half off.. Member reactions:
Great turn of Assembly at Athens into a Mall good idea and nice choice of Mall pic
Excellent Composed Creative thinking, The Mall looks very colorful

Funny The Malls at Niagara

The Malls at Niagara
. Member reactions:
good job done... the falls were looking great
Made me laugh. Gotta be seen in full view.Congrats on the woo, paco.

Funny At The Mall

At The Mall
. Member reactions:
Thanks UncleChamp and Sunshin3. I appreciate the fact that the two of you understand how much work went into this.
OH-OH...looks like you missed the weenie-ball Win; my condolences. "One Balls & Noodles comin' UP."

Funny Mall Brat With Her Dog

Mall Brat With Her Dog
. Member reactions:
The full view is breathtaking.Love what you did with her face
Way too Awesome of a and entry Excellent and Congrats
Thanks all. Another fun chop for me glad you enjoyed it.
Congratulations Xaos. Another wonderful image - well deseved 1st place.
Congrats, Mr. X. This brat rawks, even poleceman in the background admits.

Funny Paul Blart - Mall Cop with an AK-47

Paul Blart - Mall Cop with an AK-47

Funny Pall Mall Marlboro Smokes

Pall Mall Marlboro Smokes
. Member reactions:
Great blend - looks natural - almost subtle.

Funny Chopping Mall Valentines

Chopping Mall Valentines
I fouond this movie title very fitting. I hope some of you get a laugh out of it.

Funny Omaha Mall Massacre

Omaha Mall Massacre
Services to Begin for Omaha Mall VictimsNames of victims from left to right:- John McDonald, 65 years old. A customer from Council Bluffs, Iowa.- Angie Schuster, 36 years old. An employee.- Dianne Trent, 53 years old. An employee.- Maggie Webb, 24 years old. An employee.- Gary Joy, 56 years old. An employee.- Beverly Flynn, 47 years old. An employee.- Gary Scharf, 48 years old. A customer from Lincoln, Nebraska.- Janet Jorgensen, 66 years old. An employee. Nebraska is a Native American word that means "flat water".. Member reactions:
You get a 10 from me, it might hurt my karma, but oh well.
Thanks Deb and KB KB, I appreciate that, but you could of voted normally rather than taking a hit. Seeing you lose 10 points is upsetting.
Congrat's Mark, As usual but a great quality image. Happinesses.mandrak
Thanks folks for the kind words Happy Holidays...
I'll get them back, I got tired of looking at the 175 so long. . congrats on 2nd. I was going by the voting scale rainman, I couldn't find anything wrong with the chop. Plus the tribute was very timely and beautifully composed. Still a 10 in my book.
I didn't see this until now. Thank you Rainman. This means a lot. I had wanted to do something but didn't get a chance. You did a perfect job.

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