Reince Priebus Male Escort Service
Reince Priebus Male Escort Service
Reince Priebus Male Escort Service.

Funny Michelle Obama And Whoopi Goldberg as Male Basketballers

Michelle Obama And Whoopi Goldberg as Male Basketballers
Member reactions:
Great Job but a little to heavy on the sweat.
Thanks, Swashbuckle, G-Man, Nanny, luciano and Newsy.
Actually I thought it needed to have the covered sweat added back in, Mainly on whoopee. But other than that is has real pro written over it

Funny Beyonce as a Male Basketballer

Beyonce as a Male Basketballer
The makers of Gatorade recently offered famed singer Beyoncé a whopping 2-million dollars to grow a beard, work out regularly, and undergo hormone replacement therapy. Husband Jay Z subsequently negotiated a contract with the New York Knicks where in 2015 Beyoncé will play point guard and do halftime shows.

Funny Male Angelina Jolie

Male Angelina Jolie
Member reactions:
I just love it, crisp work. Very interesting looks
Quality blending, you've created a monster
New this one would be in the money. Congrats Icy
Excellent, you managed a really high level of masculinity. Woody congrats
I honestly channeled Hitspinner and found the right sources -- didn't start until I had good ones. Thanks, everyone.

Funny Miley Cyrus as a Male Body Builder

Miley Cyrus as a Male Body Builder
Miley Cyrus with her future father in law

Funny Male and Female Life Cycle Clocks

Male and Female Life Cycle Clocks
Member reactions:
Seriously great piece. Might make a nice poster about the essence of time
Amazing concept,This is cycle of our life.
Awesome creativity... these clocks the life cycle of Man and Women and their growth from child to young adult good one really impressed
Men's Clock has too much events. Should be several. Born - Sport/Time with Friends - Marriage - Die. Just kidding. Excellent picture.
I got the same your idea but couldn't think of enough items. Excellent and clever.
Clean and clever. Nice job and congrats on the cup

Funny Male and Female Remote Controls

Male and Female Remote Controls
Eugene Polley, inventor of the remote control, dies at age 96
Member reactions:
Great concept and good chop. Suggest: Some selective blurring on the faces of the clickers, to smooth out. SO - can now blame Mr. Polley for my incipient laziness.
Thanks Steve... now which of the buttons do you suggest need blurring. p.s. me'missus & I agree that the mute are the ones that get the most wear.
Not the buttons, just the black/gray body faces of the remotes, to the edges of the buttons. Buttons are A-OK.
OK, your suggestion made me smile, and gave me the idea that some of the buttons could get more wear... and i took it from there. Here's the source "pro" image Netflix remote - you'll see the body is shiney plastic whereas the buttons are dulled rubber. Cheers.
I like the way the remote is designed for everybody needs, and more funnier is the mute button if she complains its mutes ha ha ha lovely remotes good news link
Is it working now. how much it cost me hidden
Rajeshstar, take care... she can also decide to zap YOU if you nag HER. and Ericnorthend, they function splendidly and cost very little, but the batteries can get expensive 'cause you'll quickly want to use these contraptions 24/24+7/7. Thanks all.
Sad news. Great chop. Congrats on the wood, GP.
my first "cuillère de bois" MERCI .

Funny Male and Female Lamps

Male and Female Lamps
I use to be in oil...NOW I'm in Texas electricity.

Funny Male Angelina

Male Angelina
A Feminine Conservative: POOR Baby.
Member reactions:
Hilarious... and I agree with Jerry, of course.
Thanks fellows, I appreciate the good words.

Funny Male Tina Fey

Male Tina Fey
Tina Fey

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