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Funny Male Pictures

U.S. MaleFunny U.S. Male
Member reactions:
Postal Service May Need Emergency Rate Hike
Luv it. But why the white space on the right and the bottom.

You've Got Male?Funny You've Got Male?
Member reactions:

They're huge. That's funny.
Well, that was the point. I couldn't think of anything funnier than that on the other guy that she would be laughing at, so that was the way I went with it. Glad I could brighten your morning, or whatever, with it.
very funny.... what a size,,, and here Size does matter.
Now she is laughing for the right reason ..
note to self - when in doubt, add ridiculously large breasts.
thanks...not my proudest work, but it'll do in a pinch.

Male Model Herman CainFunny Male Model Herman Cain
Member reactions:

Thanks, deaddog. Thanks, ericnorthend. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, Nanny.

The African Bee Male EnhancerFunny The African Bee Male Enhancer
Member reactions:

TY I just about spit out me fritters when I thought of it.
Christine. Well hello stranger. Welcome back.You sure have been missed
. Heeey, Hits, chopping again, you sly. How's your hand.
Hand still hurts like hell-0. So does this score . ... like telling your best joke and the room goes quiet.
Well it is funny but it aint quality Hits, seen better from you, maybe ya should just keep resting up till ya got your "style" back
Hmmmm, okay, I see it. Your input is appreciated. Kellie. You got me thinking of how much quality do you need to deliver the message and still stay above 7.0. This one was a bit fuzzy because the source was practically a thumbnail and enlarged under protest But I have had technically flawless chops score even lower. I was thinking maybe the reason this didn't score at least a 7.0 was due to some prudeish reason taken by some voters that might find naughty chops like this offensive. I guess I just expected better reception solely on the humor aspect.... mainly the guys but it's great you thought it was funny too.
I thought it would of got a trophy...guess it's not funny week.
Well ya know what thought did Az, thought he farted and shat his pants
Guess not, AZ. I have a really crude and distincnt form of Westernized humor and am becoming more and more aware of the width of the chasm between cultures. There is a sweet spot or a common ground, just miss it once in a while. No biggie. Kellie... Aussie humor hahahahahaha
Didn't realise it was meant for a c*ck. I must learn more about American euphemisms
Nah Christine, you just need to let your mind roll in the gutter with mine for a while hhaahhha xo

Male and Female LampsFunny Male and Female Lamps
Member reactions:

I use to be in oil...NOW I'm in Texas electricity.

Male AngelinaFunny Male Angelina
Member reactions:

A Feminine Conservative: POOR Baby.
Hilarious... and I agree with Jerry, of course.
Thanks fellows, I appreciate the good words.

Male Tina FeyFunny Male Tina Fey
Member reactions:

Tina Fey

Male Cameron DiazFunny Male Cameron Diaz
Member reactions:

Great blend. Her eyes look a tad crossed though - not sure if that's intentional.

Male Hilary ClintonFunny Male Hilary Clinton
Member reactions:

Male Mona LisaFunny Male Mona Lisa
Member reactions:

Take that Bean. SOURCES

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