Paul Ross The Smile Maker in Heaven
Paul Ross The Smile Maker in Heaven
Paul Ross The Smile Maker in Heaven. R.I.P. Doc
Member reactions:
Nice, Gummy. I thought this one might place

Funny Columbus the Map Maker

Columbus the Map Maker
Member reactions:
Different sharpening between the components of the chop
Excellent concept, hilarious reference to Google maps. I just with the Columbus painting source was of higher resolution

Funny Toy Maker

Toy Maker
Member reactions:
Interesting chop. Very professional. Top work great detail It seems to me as Gold work on Freak-Show as well.
Thanks for providing your sources. Brilliant work.
Outstanding work.... Like your innovative spirit you created a magic using the sources images. Love your chop especially the arrangements of little wooden cars Awesome... Winner Guaranteed
Awesome....... just wish there was more emphasis on the source photo.
Congrats,on the Gold.......great work as always.
Congrats on the gold, funkster. A masterpiece worthy to illustrate any fairy tales.

Funny Woody Harrelson the Scientific Instrument Maker

Woody Harrelson the Scientific Instrument  Maker
Member reactions:
Great idea. Love the birdie on wheels. How about a beam of light coming from the bike light.
Thx Paul , Yea , i thought i forgot something when i thought it was done . Thx for reminding me .
I was thinking more like a softened, cone-shaped beam shooting out to the left.
All fixed Paul , i had a moment there were i was'nt thinking .... . And thank you too D-man .
Okay, much better...but stretch it and make it go all the way to the edge of the frame because light doesn't stop. Be careful not to make it too wide from top to bottom as you do this.
Well, I see who everyone will vote for, so there is no reason for me to enter this one, since I don't use Photoshop and my skills aren't very good yet.
You can still enter into the Apprentice Contests, which is a very good start . My advise is to just photoshop what you want , use your imagination in each contest & always take constructive criticism as a plus , because you learn from it . You will get there , i believe in that for everyone .... Good luck pennsteve67
I don't use photoshop. Can't afford it. I use one of the free programs.
This is great. Pennsteve67, I only use one of the free programs also, but I love playing around, even if I cannot get the effects of Photoshop - give it a go.
Very cool. I like the added touch of the bird with wheels too.
A lot of surprises in this contest . Congrats Chili . Very good one .
Thx alot everyone , another fun Contest ...
Congrats on the Gold Chili . . . very cool chop, lot's of great detail.

Funny Amateur Juggling Movie Makers

Amateur Juggling Movie Makers

Funny Sting the Honey Maker

Sting the Honey Maker
Member reactions:
Thanks pcrdds & Black ... 1st one in a while, feels pretty good
This honey is golden. Congrats on the win, toledo. Great entry, great comeback.
I was really happy about this... Got gold for my Birthday, wooo hooo. Thank you everyone.

Funny Hell's New Music Maker Amy Winehouse

Hell's New Music Maker Amy Winehouse
Member reactions:
Nice Concept she looks great good job done

Funny The Mad Hatter and the Crazy Clock Maker

The Mad Hatter and the Crazy Clock Maker
the virtual friendship becomes true friendship sometimes
Member reactions:
,fantastic work,love the steampunk influence
Congrats on the silver RICKY, nice work..
congrats on the the silver ricky.this was just great
Fine work with lot of details ... Congrats RICKYTREK...

Funny White House Sending Money to Car Makers

White House Sending Money to Car Makers
GM and Chrysler to Receive Up to $17.4 Billion in Loans
Member reactions:
Clever work. One of my favorites in the contest
While the Shadows are a bit soft. I feel this and some of the others had far Better Compositing Techniques than Some of the Winning Entries. Not Mine of Course.

Funny Hour Glass Coffee Maker

Hour Glass Coffee Maker
I Love Coffee. source 1 source 2 source 3
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Now, if it were distilling bourbon... oh heck I want one anyway. Really nice work.

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