Hillary Clinton Makeover
Hillary Clinton Makeover
Hillary Clinton Makeover. Reinvent is
Member reactions:
Blended naturally - she looks much better with that golden hair. Something for Hillary to think about when choosing a hairstyle for the 2016 campaign
Ha lOl the color of rope and the hair style is perfeftly matching

Funny Mona Lisa Makeover

Mona Lisa Makeover
For some reason I entered an entry 3 times so I thought I better submit a replacement (since I didn't know how to delete the multiple entries). I give you Mona Lisa, Blond Babe.
Member reactions:
Nice work would love to see your sources
looks stunning. the skin color is not matching

Funny Margaret Thatcher Makeover

Margaret Thatcher Makeover
Member reactions:
Reminds me of Vivienne Westwood. Appropriate really as Punk Rock and fashion started during her reign.

Funny Kim Jong Un's New Makeover

Kim Jong Un's New Makeover
In a galaxy too close for comfort, this fool brings new meaning to 'star wars'. What a slime ball.
Member reactions:
Oddly enough....they do. I didn't touch them in the chop. Seriously. Those pained expressions are their own. I suppose they're either afraid he'll eat them....or they're terrified what he'll do if they don't show him some sort of adulation. Either way they're on the losing end.
KImJongJabba,The women look seriously constipated funny
All women have different expression while bringing him up to the city well done on the chop like it
Looks like Ladies at Iwo-Jima With the traitor
Funny stuff, and nicely done Congrats on the theme post JannaR ...

Funny George Washington Makeover

George Washington Makeover
George had a nose job, laser skin resurfacing to remove broken blood vessels, botox, liposuction, neck lift, hair implants and dental implants.

Funny Mona Lisa Makeover

Mona Lisa Makeover
Member reactions:
Nice work on the texture... so smooth and silk lovely Monalisa with a new look and good makeup done on her face and eyes amazing took my heart
Sweet makeup.. lovely work with beautiful lady
Gratz on the dubble, Disasterman. Solid chopping.
This seriously rocks, Pix. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Frida Kahlo Makeover

Frida Kahlo Makeover
Member reactions:
Like the Monkey and good art work done for the both

Funny One Dollar Makeover

One Dollar Makeover
Member reactions:
Thanks, Icy, JoaoN, rajeshstar, and Kratos

Funny Amanda Swafford Makeover

Amanda Swafford Makeover
Original http://images.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/Amanda-americas-next-top-model-518400_1488_1920.jpg

Funny Susan Boyle Makeover

Susan Boyle Makeover

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