Kangaroo Mailman
Kangaroo Mailman
Kangaroo Mailman. The U.S. Postal Service cost cutting solution. Buy a Stamp and Mail something today.
Member reactions:
Its a Freaking News Parcel delivery boy working for food
Nice to see old sources chopped nicely, I like ur Cap

Funny Steve Carell the Mailman

Steve Carell the Mailman
Member reactions:
Well caricatured face with great eyelids... good chop done
Amazing work with face, best detail ever. Awesome
Creative work. I would only add some shadows from the head. Congrats on the bronze, Paula.

Funny Ghost Rider Mailman

Ghost Rider Mailman
Long ago he sent a letter that never arrived - now he's going postal and delivering justice...
Member reactions:
Goin' Postal without an Oversized Automatic Weapon. Hmmmmm...(great work, Killer reflections, but perhaps a bit more unfocused in the background would add some illusory depth.)

Funny Get the Mailman

Get the Mailman
Spending the rest of his days harassing the mailman.
Member reactions:
My mail lady is scared of my dog, wonder what she would make of this one...

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