Mail for Master
Mail for Master
Mail for Master.

Funny Snail Delivering the Mail

Snail Delivering the Mail
Better a year late,then never
Member reactions:
Hard to distinct elements when nearly all of the same colour.

Funny Nicolas Cage Checking His Mail

Nicolas Cage Checking His Mail
Happy Birthday Nicolas.
Member reactions:
So cool dynamic chop - even the bubbles getting out of the bottle.
Remarkably codifies my ever lasting impression of Nick Cage. Excellent chop.

Funny Postal Service Using Drones to Deliver Mail

Postal Service Using Drones to Deliver Mail
Amazon Sees Delivery Drones As Future

Funny Dale the Snail on a Sailing Boat With Mail Next to a Whale

Dale the Snail on a Sailing Boat With Mail Next to a Whale
Sources. Sit right back and you'll hear the TALE of Miss DALE SNAIL, who got MAIL from her boyfriend in JAIL "Do not FAIL. Bring BAIL." and so set SAIL with only a PAIL of STALE KALE on a TRAIL through a dangerous GALE with HAIL, past a WHALE, wearing her Sunday VEIL ... This all happened in Iowa, of course.
Member reactions:
Love the little story/song. Excellent Job.
Me loved the chop, and loved the little poem that you have written for it.
Congratulations on a Trophy Win, Icy. Enchanting presentation and artwork. Fantastic work with the sources.
Thank you all so much ... Thanks, Newsy. I came to make a change and the contest submission was over -- otherwise, was going to add "Drank too much ALE, do not FAIL, come with BAIL" ... because WHY was the boyfriend in jail, right. ... stories are very important to me in my chops. UncleChamp, thanks for noticing the work with the sources. I tried more than before and it worked. Inspiring to see what is possible.
Artfully done. Very nice composition, Icy

Funny Delivering U.S. Mail on a Snail

Delivering U.S. Mail on a Snail
Postal Service May Need Emergency Rate Hike
Member reactions:
Luv it. But why the white space on the right and the bottom.

Funny Vladimir Putin's Mail Order Bride

Vladimir Putin's Mail Order Bride
Late entry Putin's Next Wife - Vladimir & Ananthalekshmi Putin
Member reactions:
Like the Putin's Indian Wife Nice pic in a great photo frame

Funny Time Bomb in Mail

Time Bomb in Mail
Member reactions:
Love it,Im obsessed with old state hospitals.Is that Danvers in the background.Beautiful,and ominous were the old Kirkbride Built State hospitals.Nice work
Well done.... like the mood of the pic good one
Thanks everyone. balodiya ... "caricature". andwhat I'm sorry, there was no information available for the image I agree, they were hauntingly beautiful.
Quality work, very nice evening theme and detailed chop clean placement of crow
Lovely the Guns and Ammo reference. HA.
Thank You Kindly to Everyone for your votes and wonderful words.

Funny Do Not Vote For Obama By Mail

Do Not Vote For Obama By Mail
Member reactions:
Nice idea... Do not vote by Mail.... You know about the Postal Services problem, why not try email... it is much faster and you can get the results instantly very funny

Funny Mail Delivery Postman Shot From Cannon

Mail Delivery Postman Shot From Cannon

Funny North Pole Mail

North Pole Mail
Photoshop this North Pole mail image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: Changing the mailbox for some other objects, changing the kid for other people or animals, putting the kid into some new environment, using this North Pole mail image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Gary Scott and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Mail

Here's the shocking news - somebody tried to ship live snakes in the box via FedEx express mail. By the time this FedEx package was delivered the snakes were all dead. In this contest you are asked to show the world if US mail carriers ruled. Photoshop mailboxes, letters, mail trucks into something. Alternatively, you can show what things may be sent by US mail - bridges, animals, etc.

Funny Mail for Homeless

Mail for Homeless
What mail or packages would a bum, homeless person be expecting? What would the US Postal Service, United Parcel Service, Fedex and other delivery companies try to bring to a bum living on a street.

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