Trump Taj Mahal
Trump Taj Mahal
Trump Taj Mahal. Member reactions:
Super clean pro work, LunaC. Reflection in water a great touch.

Funny Taj Mahal volcano

Taj Mahal volcano

Funny Donald Trump Outside the Trump Taj Mahal

Donald Trump Outside the Trump Taj Mahal
Trump says he would bring back mosque-surveillance program
Member reactions:
Quality work, mrassad. Thanks for the show.

Funny Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal
Member reactions:
Well TY 4 the votes,now on to the Hall of Fame after 8 yrs 4738 chops.It's been a time killer and some fun. hope you got a few laughs I did.The older u get the more or less time u have
Congrats on the gold cup and The Freak'n Hall Of Fame...HH.
Hall-O-Fame-Gold Congrats Ho. It is a excellent detailed work and only took one to win
Congrats House. High 5. And I might add, with an edit, nice freaking job. I'd be proud to have my name on it.
Gollllllllllllld, Congrats, HoHouse. Perfect job.
Huge congratulations, Duane. I think you officially have done the most chops and finally are in the hall of fame. You should have your own category for loyalty to FreakingNews. Well done. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Frame this chop

Funny The Taj Mahal 7 Eleven

The Taj Mahal 7 Eleven
Maybe a little politically incorrect but there is also the QuickiMart
Member reactions:
Colorful Taj..... looks different this time from the usual white
Bwhah. I always wanted to visit that building and now that I can get an Icee I am definitely going

Funny Taj Mahal Underwater

Taj Mahal Underwater
Member reactions:
Like the Bubbles effect on the picture... looks so real as if it was taken by a SLR good to see Magnificent Taj inside Water still very beautiful
This is so beautiful and serene. It makes me happy...Great job

Funny Submerged Taj Mahal

Submerged Taj Mahal
Even submerged, Taj Mahal is a Wonder. Sources
Member reactions:
Awesome.... great piece of artistic imagination seen her It looks like an advent of Apocalypse and the remains of Taj inside water
Fantastic Scene Ariel9 Congratulations..
Wonderful work Ariel9.. Congrats on the Silver..
Congratulations on the Silver Ariel9. ; )
Silver Congrats Ariel9, agree with Newsy, the amount of work is remarkable. Masterpiece.
Congrads on the cup, moving on up to the big time.

Funny Swords of the Taj Mahal

Swords of the Taj Mahal
Member reactions:
How to ruin a nice picture. If he could have-he would have.
Great placement of the Swords over the monument Saddam rules everywhere looking cute in the Turban

Funny Tag Mahal in St. Peter's Square

Tag Mahal in St. Peter's Square
Member reactions:
fitted in work...

Funny Alien Tourists at the Taj Mahal

Alien Tourists at the Taj Mahal
sources please view full.
Member reactions:
Whoa & . Freakingly perfect. Thx for sharing sources can see how much has gone into this.
Awesome. Very creative. Love it. And yes, thanks for the sources.
Surreal... Great work with the sources,congrats hidden. See you when finish the contest, between the top 4
Is that awesome or what. Freaking flawless.
W2G Jere. Top reconstruction on the characters.
Excellent chop. Great use of sources. Well deserved gold, congrats Jeremix.
Jeremix, you are really in another class now on FN - a class of few members...... because it takes raw talent to get there, and man, oh man, you have got there. Congrats on your well-deserved win.
Congrat for the 1st place , you deserve it , Wonderful Work .
Congrats on the win, Jere. You are on a roll.
Wild imagination.. Great use of sources, Congrats..

Funny Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal
One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, The Taj Mahal, continues to attract the record number of tourists every year - from two to three million. French President Nicolas Sarkozy visited it just recently. The popularity of The Taj Mahal made one major florist company develop the special kind of red roses and called them Taj Mahal - these roses are expected to be very popular for the Valentine's Day, and every man will finally be able to give his woman The Taj Mahal. Photoshop The Taj Mahal any way you wish. Some examples are: showing the Taj Mahal in paintings and movies, merging The Taj Mahal with some other buildings or objects, etc.

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