Mr Magoo on a Rollar Coaster
Mr Magoo on a Rollar Coaster
Mr Magoo on a Rollar Coaster. Enlarge to see facial detail.
Member reactions:
Stunning. Love these kind of "cartoons to life" chops.
Congrats on the Gold LunaC. I second what Newsy said
Gold for Magoo,wonderful chop Luna,congrats
Congrats on the win, he is so adorable, always loved Magoo.
Thanks for the comments and votes. I enjoy turning cartoons into 3D "real" characters. Some are harder than others.
When ever anyone cautions me to drive carefully on the road that day. I always reply "Don't worry, I'll drive just like Mr. Magoo" By the Way, Luna. Great License Plate.

Funny Mr Magoo Google Magoogle

Mr Magoo Google Magoogle
DOn't know if Magoo will find it but, he'll try.
Member reactions:
it sounds like mygoogle too - a mixe between myspace and Google
.... Love the addition of *Uncler Images* & *Blurry Vidoes.*.

Funny Mr Magoo

Mr Magoo
Can't Think Of Anything Funny To Say.
Member reactions:
Oh Magoo, you've done it again. Funny stuff
Lub Magoo L0L
The best one so far .

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