Houdini The Magician
Houdini The Magician
Houdini The Magician. SOURCE IMAGE
Member reactions:
you should look into "frequency separation" if you are using photoshop.
Thanks Icy. I ran out of time to fine tune the skin layers more Vicspa but appreciate the advice.
no problem, glad you know what I'm talking about.
Yeah I was trying to do a little hyper detail as most of the sources are low res.
that's true of most B/W pix, let's hope we have another coloring contest soon.
by the way, I am also on DB, but under a different name.
Cool thatís why I changed my name here for easier identification perposes across my online presence.
I tend to get rid of old reputations and start new. I've been doing this way too long.
by the way, I came in second to you on DB
Strong hint OK now I know. Well played I liked it.

Funny Evil Clown Magician and His Rat

Evil Clown Magician and His Rat
Member reactions:
Awesome build, with those wings wand n shoes, he's a bad man.
A lot of unique work in this Winner. Congrats on the Silver Splats.
Congrats Splat 😎👍🏼
Thanks Hobbit (fave too) and RR, Bob, Gummy, Mano, and PSH. You'r right Reggie, 18 images including the original rock texture. 19 if you count the painted grass. (:

Funny Surreal Steampunk Magician

Surreal Steampunk Magician
Member reactions:
,this blows me away.This is absolutely fantastic.Candy to my eyes
looks like a golden celebration to me. pretty darn impressive. i once used that same lamp source.
Thank you SS, Hobbit, Jere, Andwhat and Silver.
Awesome job Hits, a 1000 amazing layers for the 1000th amazing Doodle. Lotto Hat. Congrats Hit-Man on the Gold.
Cold Congrats, Hitspinner. Masterpiece...
Thanks for voting this 1000th chop into top slot you guys... Andrew, Champ, Bob, old school and all afore mentioned
congrats on a golden 1000th, Tim. i love the colors in this one and the details are very playful. you are getting to that point where everything you make is up there, quality wise. congrats mate.

Funny Merlin The Magician with his Owl

Merlin The Magician with his Owl
Member reactions:
Kewl. that one has pinned my strang-o-meter hahahahahaah Congrats on the woody. I think I have that same hat in a drawer somewhere

Funny Penn and Teller Siamese Twins Magician

Penn and Teller Siamese Twins Magician
They've been inseparable for decades - and truly are a virtual two-headed magic act.
Member reactions:
Double heads are good, double arms are useless.
luciano - I don't find that observation helpful, and didn't ask for it. Please respect that.
This is BRILLIANT. I love everything about it. Especially the processing, the look. HOW did you do this. No state secrets, but hints. .. Just exceptional, I'd bet they'd love to see it. I think I might just tweet a link to it to them for you. CONGRATS, honestly this could have taken the gold and it would be deserved. Original and fabulous.
I'll follow the Funkmeister anytime, and be glad for it. Many thanks.
Sharpness and cleanliness takes a chop a long way in these things Icy. Great job Swashbuckle. Congrats on the silver

Funny Kim Jong Un and Obama Magicians with Putin Chained in a Water Tank

Kim Jong Un and Obama Magicians with Putin Chained in a Water Tank
Member reactions:
Thank you, Sulliishere, Lucianomorelli, Hitspinner and Elegary.

Funny Octopus Houdini Magician

Octopus Houdini Magician
Inspired by this slippery octopus escape artist. Sources
Member reactions:
Fantastic work, colors look great, love it.
Fantastic work kat,congrats on the bronze
Congrats on the win, your pic is wonderful, like to see ya do more.
This was a lot of work and very well done.
Boy, a real beauty here. Congrats on the cup.
Awesome artwork, Congrats taking the Bronze, Kat..
VERY creative art. Awesome in the original view. Congrats on the bronze, kat, - very cool to see you again.
Awesome split level chop. Congrats coolkat.

Funny Jeff Bridges Magician Pulling Goldie Hawn Out of a Hat

Jeff Bridges Magician Pulling Goldie Hawn Out of a Hat
Member reactions:
Decent work, though I wish he was more recognizable here
Congratulations HoHouse.. Great Job Colors..

Funny Magician Levitating a Delivery Drone

Magician Levitating a Delivery Drone
Amazon unveils futuristic plan: Delivery by drone
Member reactions:
Crazy idea.... great transformation of Amazon in its innovation

Funny Paul Walker the Magician

Paul Walker the Magician
Member reactions:
I really liked this chop and was sure it would win cup.

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