the magic guitar
the magic guitar
the magic guitar. Member reactions:
Now your talking. Great Work. You can tune this Guitar by twisting the He11 out of it's ears...
Pretty cool Congrats on the bronze, Elegary.
How do you think of this stuff. Weird and wonderful.

Funny Artemagica Art Magic

Artemagica Art Magic
For Chili and all who loved him. His magic still lives on. RIP Chili. SOURCE
Member reactions:
Now this one went full on trippy. Coooooool. Chili's ghostly figure is....captivating. Top 5 recognition.
Thank you Hitspinner Yours wasn't half bad either.

Funny Black Magic Woman

Black Magic Woman
Member reactions:
Hey Hidden, The VooDoo Coconut wanted me to ask if he could borrow that chicken.
I know that woodoo is a magic word but some shadow under the hat would be nice.
Nice source that looks like Canal St cemetery in New Orleans

Funny Criss Angel Magic Trick

Criss Angel Magic Trick
Don't worry folks, it's just an illusion done by master illusionist, Criss Angel. Criss is based in Las Vegas.
Member reactions:
... Or should I say Ouch... Creepy cool chop.
Good bloody vision, but background should not be so blurry.
Gold congrats Doc.... So gross hahahahah
Congrats on the gold, Paul. Part of the "bloody" winnings go to Chris Angel
ohhh Yuckkkkk this is great congrats....
Congrats, Paul. Probably picture was done Monday.
Thanks, hobbit, Miss pree, hidreley, Andrew and Bob.

Funny Magic

Member reactions:
I really liked this chop and was sure it would win cup.

Funny Next Up: `Bob, the Magic Bear`

Next Up: `Bob, the Magic Bear`
He's always nervous before going on stage, but once he's in front of the audience, he's golden.
Member reactions:
Love the Magician holding the innocent Rabbit... waiting for his turn good one
Thanks.. Had to think "what does a magician have." ... I think I got it all, except maybe a saw to saw a woman in half.

Funny Hillary Clinton is doing magic on Friday

Hillary Clinton is doing magic on Friday
Member reactions:
Double Bronze congrats, Andrew. Love her eyes.
WTG Wanderer. But Now I feel bad about getting in the way for you getting a trifecta. (But not to bad, you understand)
Thank you, Rajeshstar, Paul and Gummy. Gummy, I hope we both will have a trifecta in the future. For me it happens when all of you will take vacation for on contest and will send 3 pictures. Best regards, W
This one is my favorite from far . congratulations for the mass entries and win .
Bronze congrats for Wanderer too. Woo Hoo.
Gummy messed up a perfect 4 cup sweep. Then on the other hand, he could say you messed up his Gold spot. And I can say, I did not interfere at all Bwhahahahhaah Well done chop.

Funny G20 Magic Show

G20 Magic Show
Member reactions:
Thank you all.. I just love crackin on politicians..
now the magic wand is in the hands of Obama..... Putin looks like an outcome of US Magic Great Job done
Hahahah cracks me up. Great job and congrats
Clever and cute remake. Congrats on the bronze, toledo.
Congrats, Toledoeagle. I like Putin in pink. I suspect him too.

Funny Magic Castle

Magic Castle
Member reactions:
It looks like the castle just emerges from the Sea good inclusion of birds hovering around it
Another vue of Mont St-Michel in France but a little bit more an island than in reality
but not winning chop too bad

Funny Magic David Blaine Turns Forty

Magic David Blaine Turns Forty
Member reactions:
His own body parts celebrating his birthday great job in showing him up on a cake and well tried magic trick
Silver congrats, Paul. Cool effects here.

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