Magic Spell
Magic Spell
Magic Spell. Member reactions:
Very nice. But I expected that the snow on his shoes would be melted by now.
Thanks Craftlord. Something is wrong with the spell...
, he's trippin' for sure. Gotta go big for an incredible view. Congrats on the Gold, Manosart.
Congrats on the Gold. Well deserved, again.
Funny one, hate it when Spells go bad, Congrats on the win.

Funny Magic Leprechaun

Magic Leprechaun
Created last month for St Pat's Day
Member reactions:
Ya want us to colorize that for ya. We could do that ya know.
Thanks Gummy. He was in color to begin with. I de-colorized him to get the effect I wanted.
^^^"I de-colorized him"^^^ Gasp.
Lol Gumster. Got to admit whether color or not, its a great looking Jeff Sessions chop.
Personally I think it would probably look better in color.
I thik the technique and approach is magical but I am big on the green so would have enjoyed it more if colored. That said, I see what you did in adding the extra dimension of ethereal, spiritual, magical, chance appearance that adds a certain serendipity to the feeling. Everyone should have taken extra time to study this and maybe vote higher. It grows on me
Everything Hitspinner said that I couldn't. Maybe a contest to colorize LunaC's chop...

Funny Magic space!Full update! The first teeth!

  Magic space!Full update! The first teeth!

Funny Magic Harry Cuts Loose

Magic Harry Cuts Loose
Harry's true passion revealed.
Member reactions:
Top Job, Steve. Camilla and Queens expressions awesome.

Funny Magic

Member reactions:
cool work but how is the dog face even possible

Funny Working Her Magic

Working Her Magic
Working Her Magic
Member reactions:
Hard to recognize her if out of the scene.

Funny Donald Drumpf the Clown with a Magic Eight Ball

Donald Drumpf the Clown with a Magic Eight Ball

Funny Unicorn Performing at a Magic Circus

Unicorn Performing at a Magic Circus
Member reactions:
cool pic. very original. i think you should get rid of the grey border and mask the left top corner and you will have n excellent picture here.
I agree with Saritha, this unicorn is too beautiful to control. Good work though.

Funny Magic Art by Rembrandt

Magic Art by Rembrandt
For Chili and all who loved him. His magic still lives on. RIP Chili. SOURCE
Member reactions:
Now this one went full on trippy. Coooooool. Chili's ghostly figure is....captivating. Top 5 recognition.
Thank you Hitspinner Yours wasn't half bad either.

Funny Black Magic Woman

Black Magic Woman
Member reactions:
Hey Hidden, The VooDoo Coconut wanted me to ask if he could borrow that chicken.
I know that woodoo is a magic word but some shadow under the hat would be nice.
Nice source that looks like Canal St cemetery in New Orleans

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