Ron Paul is Magento
Ron Paul is Magento
Ron Paul is Magento. ORIGINAL RON + MAGNETO
Member reactions:
its pull me to the screen I Vote for him he he he great thought of asking vote............
Great job done Nice way for vote request.

Funny Magento and Mystique Hybrid Face Transplant

Magento and Mystique Hybrid Face Transplant
Magnitostique, the newest X-man. (Reference for anyone not familiar with the X men)
Member reactions:
Rather well done. A lot of effort here, right down to individual hairs.
X-quisite image, great matching of skin tones

Funny Barack Obama as Magento

Barack Obama as Magento
voters help us
Member reactions:
Nice image but your title suggest villians and this is a super hero contest. From the rules "Photoshop celebrities and politicians as superheroes of your choice". Spiderman counts but he doesn't seem to be the focus.
depends on how you define the word super hero...even magneto as seen in the film x-men first class was at one time a hero .
It's True what they say. Michelle O does have very Muscular Arms. No...wait...that's not her Bicep. Never mind. *~~* Amusing Chop Hidden.
ha ha nice one i like it again Obama in this avatar

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