Face Transplant Guy Poses For GQ Magazine
Face Transplant Guy Poses For GQ Magazine
Face Transplant Guy Poses For GQ Magazine. A man with a complete face transplant poses for GQ magazine Jay-Z would like to thank deaddog for the use of his face. As deaddog would say, "bwahahahahahaha."
Member reactions:
DD may simply start lending his face for a fee. How much for a day or per chop.
I think I look like Sean Connery, as depicted here.
like the new face with stitched together... Looks like Jason from Friday the 13th Movie. well done
This looks great Nice Thinking nice threading on the face
It can be clearly seen that after chopping off the face it dead skin color changes , best marketing work for the transplantation with the Bold stitches
Freaking idea. I hope they gave Freaking idea. I hope they both gave the permission to collate their faces togather.
And the wood.

Funny Time Magazine Canadian Issue

Time Magazine Canadian Issue
We forgive Canada for Justin, but ONLY because they've sent us so many talented and beautiful people.

Funny Raphael Lifestyle Magazine

Raphael Lifestyle Magazine

Funny Stars Without Makeup Magazine

Stars Without Makeup Magazine
Member reactions:
Nice Image and this imgae is showing the actal faces of the stars, without makeup all stars are looking very funny.....
All of it's funny... Great theme, I really wish I thought of it. Top 5 congrats, Jim

Funny Gwyneth Paltrow Magazine

Gwyneth Paltrow Magazine
The Real GOOP Please view large.
Member reactions:
A life in a few pages . Anyway, could be real.
Real, for sure. I love it. Of course I have a crush on anything Pepper Potts LMFAO
Loves family, even Chris... that's funny.

Funny National Enquiziter Magazine

National Enquiziter Magazine
Happy April Fools
Member reactions:
I think this is brilliant. Reminds me some older Weekly World News covers
This is the craziest cover I have ever seen...
Bronze congratulations, SC. Bricks stolen, totally cracks me up. Great job.....
Awesome chop skitterchick.Loved the sci-fi comic book theme.Congrats on the bronze

Funny Chris Christie on a Time Magazine Cover

Chris Christie on a Time Magazine Cover
FrEAKING Twins Punxsutawney Phil & Chris Christie
Member reactions:
I think I was trying to make it fit the page without having to scroll.

Funny Dam Magazine

Dam Magazine
Member reactions:
Hilarious. Just what I was going to say....
I need to become Dyslexia to read the wording on the cover well designed

Funny Plus-Size Model On Magazine Cover

Plus-Size Model On Magazine Cover
Plus-size woman appears on magazine cover
Member reactions:
Good job... like the quote on the carriage... Eat Drink and Live good comments on the poster
Lol guy with whale harpoon.
Congrats on the Silver also Mr. Paul, this one surprised me that it was yours,great but different style
Pulled another one, Congrads on the Silver cup.
Double-Congratulations. You have a future in 'BIG' girl fashion-page Advertising world.

Funny Kim Jong Un on Mad Magazine

Kim Jong Un on Mad Magazine
Member reactions:
Great classical type of cartoon and magazine work done here amazing idea and nice use of colors and caption on the cover
TThis could have so easilly been a top chop dude. Textures did not match and they'll ding the #$%%## out of it for that. Don't matter how brilliant it is. Still, you scorred on content IMO

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