The First Family, MAGA
The First Family, MAGA
The First Family, MAGA. Member reactions:
Thanks for the votes, after 6405 entries over 11 yrs, me now in hall of fame or my shame, now I can die a happy man. been fun thanks.
A three for all win, Good job and a Big Congrats....

Funny Asparagus MAGA

Asparagus MAGA

Funny MAGA Official Portrait

MAGA Official Portrait
Trump in full MAGA uniform with clusters. (MAGA=Make America Great Again)
Member reactions:
Great to see you chopping, Sir. *☺* If I had thought, It would have been cool to use the Cavalier Soldier as one of my chops.
Registered. well hello stranger. So this was yours.. I feel inadequate even commenting on this. But I have been encouraged to give pointers. This one was the hardest for me to judge out of all. Texturing, blending, masking are all top plate and then I wonder why the olive-ish coloring in Trumps face. I suspect other voters probably had the same thought or this would have been at the top of the pack. 30 seconds of touch up with the overlay brush and cadmium yellow and orange highlight would have given it a firelight warmth if you didn't already know that trick. It is great to see you back. I expect we'll see some spectacular stuff. I had a long layoff too while recovering from some body malfunctions. Cheers

Funny Turtle and Eagle don't lie MAGA

Turtle and Eagle don't lie MAGA

Funny Back to the Sixes MAGA

Back to the Sixes MAGA

Funny Donald Trump MAGA

Donald Trump MAGA

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