The Pope Takes On The Mafia
The Pope Takes On The Mafia
The Pope Takes On The Mafia. Some think the Pope is risking his life by taking on the Mafia. Member reactions:
Looking at Berlusconi the children's rhyme comes to mind "Liar, liar, pants on fire."
Excellent caricature, but being his lower part melted, he looks too tall.
Now the heavenly touch is required to cleanise Mafia good one in showing all the all the feelings of haterd and crime pass away from the touch of God
Congrats on Wood, Paul. Great manipulation

Funny Italian Mafia Steals Smallest Pony

Italian Mafia Steals Smallest Pony
Italian mafia steals world's smallest pony for ransom.. Member reactions:
hahaha . Missing. excellent chop. Silvio hope will soon be indicted for trial "Mediaset television. During this time I am working on various chops, see you soon for publication. Thank you very much for the thought.'re A true friend, you know always make me happy.
Well composed to match the story like the Pony its too small
Thanks, PSM. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, Newsy.
Triple...... Congratulations my dear friend.
Silver for Paul too - you are on a roll. Congrats.
Thanks, Newsy. Actually, I'm on a bagel.

Funny The Mafia Bible

The Mafia Bible
. Member reactions:
Well merge of the latest mafia gadgets in the Bible like the way the glove casting shadows also

Funny Mafia Pingu

Mafia Pingu
. Member reactions:
Excellent detail, Looks so professional Mafia, Hmmmm Smoke from both the sides is amazing
What a great work, nicely executed like the smoki-stuffs, Blur at the corners make it like some one spy in here.
The colours really make this stand out nicely.
Mr. Black (and his penguin friend) strikes again. Congrats on the wood.

Funny Italian Mafia

Italian Mafia
Mafia has more cash flow than Italy's largest bank.. Member reactions:
Well done, especially that of the Mafia families. Casalesi. Ndrangheta. Camorra. Sacra Corona Unita. Santa Paola. Corleonesi. and these are just a few powerful families, but to them who has the money.
I like the look De Niro has on his face. Great collection of sources too.
this is true becoz mafia do not have any limits to maintain an account and they were not questionable
Very welldone I like your car and the yellow light of it.
TOOOOOO funny and always to good. Congrads.
Thanks raj,eric,Hohouse and Luna. Lucky to finish fourth with all the talent here.
Not lucky, you got talent Oldman, took me a week in make cash like this. I have a lot of time, less talent, wrong programs, but plenty of time and just lazy. Thanks for the wonderful comments, and glad you made it to the top this time and gave these youngsters a run for their cups.
Wooden Congrats oldman . . . Great looking chop . . . I hope you're including yourself when you mention "all the talent here"

Funny Mafia Turkeys

Mafia Turkeys
. Member reactions:
Danger Turkey light ur cigrate with the flame coming out from bottle... Nice Idea.
great, great, great.... is a wonderful work my friend...
thank you very much MD. congratulations to you. earned gold.
a very good wood.... double win my friend.... double congratulations

Funny Twilight: Mafia Movie

Twilight: Mafia Movie
What if Twilight was a hit super badass action movie.. Member reactions:
Quality work, pity the image is rather small

Funny JFK with the Mafia

JFK with the Mafia
. Member reactions:
What goes on in Vegas...Stays in Vegas..Usually.

Funny Obama Mafia Ring

Obama Mafia Ring
. Member reactions:
then my job is done . cheers newsy. sassyfras

Funny Mafia Cleaning Service

Mafia Cleaning Service

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