Madonna. Member reactions:
Madonna would love this pic. Creepy good.
She scares me this way because she looks so real.
Liked this one a lot...Nice blend. Is that Sting and Madonna.

Funny Lady Gaga and Madonna in the Picasso's Studio

Lady Gaga and Madonna in the Picasso's Studio
Member reactions:
Lady Gaga and Madonna in the Picasso vision.
This is what he sees after a couple of drinks.
Absolutely.... sandwiched between two hotties good one
Bronze congrats, Andrew. Are you a vodka fan or something.
Pretty awesome. Just goes to show Picasso was realistic in his art, it's just that he had some deformed models, hahaha.

Funny Madonna

Member reactions:
Technically perfect. Beautiful choice of colours.

Funny Madonna


Funny Mr Bean and Madonna

Mr Bean and Madonna
Member reactions:
Two of them looks very innocent and very cute. Well done
So sweet...I would love to kiss these cutie doggies
The bean puppy totally looks like how - awesome.
Adorable expressive faces Talented chop.

Funny Leonardo da Vinci - Madonna with the American flag

Leonardo da Vinci - Madonna with the American flag
Member reactions:
congrats Wanderer. the flag really blends in well.

Funny Madonna (no photoshop)

Madonna (no photoshop)
She will be furious ()
Member reactions:
Wonderful transformation, but could someone tell her it is time to cover the uncovered .
Wonderful transformation, but could someone tell her it is time to cover the uncovered .
Nice chop hidden. But this is the Madonna I choose to remember. Say Miley.....roll in your tongue and pay attention. Because this is how it's done with passion and talent... Madonna: Express Yourself Watched it 4 times in a row and it just keeps getting better....luv the spot as she's walking off stage..
And I was still thinking of her in my dreams... Thanks hidden for reveling the truth
See, this is the true mercy of God. When you get old, women look just as beautiful. But when you are young, we lack the appreciation for the story of life that every wrinkle tells us. This is stunning.

Funny Grand Madonna

Grand Madonna
Member reactions:
, she did not stick to this resolution for the last 10 years Good one, hidden
No to Botox and this chop will represent her only after 5-6 years... good work on her skin texture and the truth revealing pics of her after the resolutions
Huh, vivacity for making skin age. There is a clever application. I wish I had that filter or something like it. Congrats on a greeeeat chop and cup to boot.

Funny Madonna Mixed with Britney Spears

Madonna Mixed with Britney Spears

Funny Baby Alien and the Madonna

Baby Alien and the Madonna
Member reactions:
nice blending, but the white edges are a distraction.
Mother's love can only found on earth.... The most reason for the aliens to visit earth

Funny Madonna

One of the most successful pop singers in history - Madonna Louise Veronica Ritchie - is turning 50 this Saturday. Raised in Detroit suburb, by Italian father and French-Canadian mother, Madonna wanted to pursue career in modern dance, so at the age of 19 she drops out of The University of Michigan and decides to move to New York. Later, Madonna will say on this move: "It was the first time I'd ever taken a plane, the first time I'd ever gotten a taxi cab. I came here with $35 in my pocket. It was the bravest thing I'd ever done." It's hard to believe it was almost 24 years ago, when Madonna first performed "Like a Virgin" - the mega-hit that made her internationally famous. 24 years after she keeps amusing her fans with the new hits. Her latest album "Hard Candy" was released in April this year. Happy 50th birthday, Madonna! To celebrate the 50th birthday of Madonna, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples are: photoshop Madonna in movies and paintings, show what alternative professions she could have chosen or how she will look in the future, merge Madonna with other celebrity, create new scandals surrounding her persona. These are just some ideas.

Funny Madonna Adoptions

Madonna Adoptions
As God is my witness I was trying to avoid posting a contest about Madonna's adoption mania, but every newspaper and TV channel think otherwise. Madonna is too lazy to make babies the old fashioned way and goes orphan shopping again - she now wants to adopt a three-year-old girl from the same African village as her newly adopted son. Adoption is just the hottest trend in Hollywood this time, next only to scoring an Oscar or winning a Nobel Prize in Humanity. So if you are a poor African baby reading this, chances are Madonna will soon knock on your door and will adopt you, unless Angelina Jolie adopts you first. Heck, if you live in the US, Madonna will adopt you too. She'll adopt everyone, and will become the next Mother Theresa and will get the Nobel Prize in Humanity. Then her life will be complete. In this contest you are asked to photoshop the next Madonna's adoption by showing celebrities and politicians as Madonna's adopted kids. Babies or children of celebrities and politicians are also allowed to be adopted by Madonna in this contest. Your entries have to be in the form of magazine covers or newspapers.

Funny Madonna

Show what transformations and life paths Madonna "Esther" may choose next. Choosing new appropriate names for "Esther" is a plus.

Funny Madonna & Wesley Clark

Madonna & Wesley Clark
Photoshop how Madonna will help General Wesley Clark by appearing with him in media promotions.

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