The Ponzi Master Bernie Madoff
The Ponzi Master Bernie Madoff
The Ponzi Master Bernie Madoff.

Funny Bernie Madoff as Uncle Sam

Bernie Madoff as Uncle Sam

Funny Bernie Madoff Earns $40 Per Month in Jail

Bernie Madoff Earns $40 Per Month in Jail
Swindler Bernie Madoff earns $40 per month while in prison
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He really needs and investment banker and Freaking news membership to increase more earnings
Very nicely done, hidden good caricature work and composition.
Excellent caricature of Bernie, a professional looking job pcrdds ..
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, Billy Mac. Thanks, UncleChamp.

Funny Bernie Madoff Investment Advice

Bernie Madoff Investment Advice

Funny Fundamentals of Finance Book by Bernie Madoff

Fundamentals of Finance Book by Bernie Madoff
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Like the design of the book cover... very well done in collecting all the images and chopped in that book...
Very well done with shadow work and good concept

Funny Bernie Madoff by Degas

Bernie Madoff by Degas
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I hope he enjoys his money in Jail

Funny Bernie Madoff in His Prison Cell

Bernie Madoff in His Prison Cell
all sources used Recovery Comes Slowly for Madoff Victims Paying it forward David Moon: FINRA not the fiercest watchdog Bankruptcy judge vindicates victims of FRM Ponzi scheme
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Exceptional work...looks like the winner to me
Excellent ... work with usage of Source very well done, Nice caricature and perfect beam of light source on his head and wonderful work with the poster looks old and torn Great job done
Good light effect, I always like your work friend, nice as always
Congrats Mandrake...I knew this was a win
Brilliant chopping, PSM. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Bernie Madoff Investment Securities

Bernie Madoff Investment Securities

Funny Bernie Madoff Propaganda Poster

Bernie Madoff Propaganda Poster
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Thanks geri. Bernie wouldn't know the difference anyway.

Funny Madoff Economics Book

Madoff Economics Book
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Thanks guys. I don't understand your question Renegade
congrats on the silver rwpike... i think Renegade is asking about Bernie scandal...
Lovely stuff Pike..........and soooooooo true. by the way, no-one has noticed. HA HA.
nice work pike . always big heads for pike congrats on the silver . keep going
Congrats Pike. nice work, sorry for the no vote mate. Experienced a power outage due to some nasty winds.
you keep swinging them out of the park, Pikey.
Earned the Golden Fat Banker Award for 2010,
Silver congrats, Pike. Now, where can I buy a copy.

Funny Bernard Madoff

Bernard Madoff
Bernard Madoff arrived at the federal courthouse Thursday morning where he pleaded guilty to all 11 felony charges. Madoff, 70, had a Wall Street career for over half a century, he went from zero to "hero" - becoming a Nasdaq chairman, and one of the Wall Street's leading figures. Once a talented investor, Madoff turned his $50 billion investment fund into a Ponzi scheme that wiped life fortunes, school trusts and charities, and made at least two investors commit suicide. Authorities have recovered only $1 billion of assets - the rest of the $50 bln were never invested, but used by Madoff, and his business. Many of the Madoff victims were able to see him (in court) for the first time in a long while. Madoff owns a 55-foot fishing boat named "Bull". Feds say his $50 bln Ponzi scheme was the worst ever. Let's not forget the quote by Bernie from October 2007: "In today's regulatory environment, it's virtually impossible to violate rules". Photoshop anything related to Bernard Madoff. Think of demotivational posters with Bernie, what services or products he may endorse, what movies he could have played in, what stock tips and investment seminars he may give, etc. Here's a good example by GarRobMil.

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