The Devil made me do It.
The Devil made me do It.
The Devil made me do It.. . Member reactions:
Pretty cool

Funny Eating fish makes you smart!

Eating fish makes you smart!
Eating fish makes you smart.. Member reactions:
short cut lunch and she save the time for other work smart lady....
The fish counting picture in the background combined with a goofy look of Obama's face really sells this image for me.
Great reflections here. Demo that superstition is not truth.

Funny Made of Honor

Made of Honor
. Member reactions:
Why not carry the Title 'Made of Honor' to the poster. The 'AL' is confusing-.
It's supposed to say "medal", sure you understood. I'm refering to a classic war game.

Funny Making marriage work

Making marriage work
. Member reactions:
Funny caricature. Past years tell a different story

Funny We Made It!

We Made It!
Super Bowl 2014. Member reactions:
Very clear image and their Cap, scarf,shoo is perfect matching
Luciano. Nice job

Funny Data Dump, President makes...progress

Data Dump, President makes...progress
I can't help but think Obama relates to a quote from a character on BBC's The Thick Of It: "All I do: I work, I eat, I shower, that's it. Occasionally I take a dump, just as a sort of treat."-Hugh Abbot, Minister for Social Affairs. Member reactions:
Had to admit, I could not conatin myself from laughing The 404 HealthCare error T-shirt is a genius idea too.
The way you put his pant half dragged bottom is so tricky and on demand chop
pheew. I can almost smell this Paco.

Funny Making Life A Lot Easier

Making Life A Lot Easier
. Member reactions:
Great to see the boxes turned into washing machine.... Now hand laundry would turn into Hitech Laundry
Excellent Smart thinking. Good businessmen skills
Nice clean image Doc, amd very funny too.
Love the pic, this is a good advertisement for Sears appliances.
Thanks, hobbit. You know, you're right about that.

Funny The Grinch Who Made Halloween

The Grinch Who Made Halloween

Funny Makes Sense?

Makes Sense?
. Member reactions:
"Just like mom used to make"...
This is a ten if I ever saw one...and voted for same.
Surprisingly there is an ice cream for that.

Funny Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect
. Member reactions:
Awesome.... the bear practices in the bathroom like the boots and his stuff and the Paper roll Carrier
Lots a fun stuff to look at. Congrats Shorty.
Congratulations Paul. funny stuffA copy of PlayBear... Where can I get one.
Thanks, Splat. You can get one at your local newstand. Thanks, Bob.
Always great humor in your chops. Well done. Congrats
Always hilariousCongrats on the bronze, Doc.
Thanks, Tim. Thanks, hobbit. Thanks, Mr. X.

Funny Home-Made Spaceships

Home-Made Spaceships
With the number of private organizations trying to design home-made spaceship, let us add satire to this by showing what these home-made spacecrafts may look like (e.g. rocket made out of cheese with astronaut mouse, etc.) Designing a goofy name for this spaceship is encouraged.

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