Macwithfries - Terrorist Hunter
Macwithfries - Terrorist Hunter
Macwithfries - Terrorist Hunter. Robots to join the fight against Terrorists.
Member reactions:
Thanks Black....I thought I would come out of retirement to show everyone at freaking news what our favorite administrator "Macwithfries" looks like in real life
She looks great. Very nice job, hidden retiree.
Well done , i must say
Ahh yes, that's how I dress for work (where I look after little kids under 5) My battle gear
...sometimes they can be more dangerous then terrorists
Its amazing wonderful effects and nice light work
Great concept to visualize the future army of robots to fight against the terrorist very well done with the chopp and wonderful to see the FN flag flying high well done
Please stay un-retired. We need more work like this.
Thanks....some pretty tough competition in this one
Congrats, on the Woody D-man......Great job

Funny Macwithfries

Member reactions:
Came along way real quick, always reliable & a gr8 asset
Gr8 ass. Sorry. Great asset. . Love ya, MacWithToe.
crimmy ... i wish i could agree, but i didn't get to see that pic mwf... U R so freaking incredibly talented & kew it makes me sick. Not like "Talk to Ralph on the Big White Phone" sick. More like "love-sick" *winkie winkie*

Funny Larry King Mixed with MacWithFries

Larry King Mixed with MacWithFries
Member reactions:
Ha. Nice merge
....those glasses make me look like Nana Mouskouri.
It was a strange mix I wasn't even sure if the two would work at all. What I ended up with is a rather disturbing blend of youth and beauty and old and ugly....yin and yang, Frick and Frack hahahaha

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