When MacDonald's bought Volkswagen
When MacDonald's bought Volkswagen
When MacDonald's bought Volkswagen.

Funny MacDonalds Wendys Frosty

MacDonalds Wendys Frosty
Member reactions:
Good idea, image could be clear but I do like it.
Beef and the Wendy's go together good job with the chop Nice to see the new turned W makas Wendy

Funny MacDonalds Smoked Fries

MacDonalds Smoked Fries
"Very addictive."
Member reactions:
I actually hv a problem, I like smokin wen eating my fries :/ Original "blend" here
To eat a macfry or smoke that is the question.
Very clever concept, good one see the Mac Fries inside a Cigarette pack well done

Funny Norm MacDonald as Ronald McDonald

Norm MacDonald as Ronald McDonald
After years of failed attempts to re-gain the attention granted during his brief SNL stint, Macdonald turns to McDonald's, and finally a cure to children's fear of clowns is discovered; a comedian that no one thinks is funny.
Member reactions:
Speaks softly and carries a small shtick.
I love this. Norm would tell the cashiers, "Get to work, crack ball warmers."
... you have to be a special kind of stupid to believe that Norm Macdonald isn't funny... But, still, why would anyone wear pants that large.

Funny Nuclear MacDonald's

Nuclear MacDonald's
never put fast food on a dump site

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