Mac Overboard
Mac Overboard
Mac Overboard. Member reactions:
EXCELLENT. Best use of the source so far.
A lot of amazing detail work in this and exceptionally well done.
Very clean. I don't know the raft is working, looks like ears the way it's placed. Just an idea. Very nice overall. GJ.
I agree with all the positive comments above...this is a beaudy.
Agree to Kellie Amazing use of source here.
i gave you a 10...if there was such a thing as to give you more I would...this is awesome...good luck
Like the concept very well and very well executed
Great work on the fingers and well done to merge in the waters, good chop on it
, well done with the source. All the best.
It rocks my world. Seriously freaktastic.
Congratulations DeadDog. Great concept & execution. "WOOF."
deaddoggy congratulations.... hes very cute,, very creative.. you made that mac have true personality.
Golden Congrats d-dog Excellent chopping in all aspects.
Thanks a lot everybody, it happened by accident.

Funny Mac with a Leprechaun

Mac with a Leprechaun
No wonder Leprechauns are hard to find.
Member reactions:
I go for pot, like to buy a Xeon dual processor

Funny Bears with a Mac

Bears with a Mac
Member reactions:
I really like this one. Very interesting use of negative space, nice glow, not too bright, leaves you wanting to see more.
, Nice and clean work. I like the lighting.

Funny Mac Computer on Star Trek

Mac Computer on Star Trek
Member reactions:
I like the Tribble bit at the top the best. Is that Scotty on the monitor. Busted.

Funny Mac Computer Waiting for Luke

Mac Computer Waiting for Luke
"Where would we be without our little helpers."
Member reactions:
Well those evaporators aren't going to fix themselves.
I just noticed the arm is coming out of the port on the Mac. If Wall-E and R2 were swapped for location the contrast would be better, making the arm more clear. Just my 2 cents.
So cute and sad, poor robots. I like this image very much.
Excellent work, looks like a distance future like the robos

Funny Mac Computer Roller Coaster

Mac Computer Roller Coaster
Member reactions:
My goodness, what a tour de force. How on earth did you do it...

Funny Bill Gate's Working at the old Mac Graveyard!

Bill Gate's Working at the old Mac Graveyard!
In his spare time Bill Gates swings a sledgehammer at the old mac graveyard. (VIEW LARGE IMAGE)
Member reactions:
Ya nice effects. Gates' face could be a little darker. But overall very nice.
Great detailing used , nice work good to see Gates in this pose
Thank you, everyone....I'm happy you like it.

Funny Mac with Fries

Mac with Fries
In honor of my beautiful friend down under...
Member reactions:
Hahaha, this is freaking brilliant. methinks she'll like it.
What a totally brilliant idea. Mac would crack her teeth on it though.
It would be nice hi-tech Burger Yummy nice to see and eat

Funny The Mac Computer Tree

The Mac Computer Tree
The tree of life.
Member reactions:
Nice innovative idea to see these apples on the tree, might be Newton waiting for this to fall down
Great Idea. I like the way you blurred the back image.
HAHHA. Ya, I didn't even think of the Newton thread. I could have worked him in under the tree somehow. Dang. Thanks for the comments.

Funny Miracle Mac Baby

Miracle Mac Baby
Member reactions:
That baby is born way behind the times. Going to be 2nd fiddle to those iPad babies in the other ward.
does he burp... awsome.
Wonderful to see the expressive eyes of the baby mac

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