Helena & Mabel in the Sitting Room Digital Art
Helena & Mabel in the Sitting Room Digital Art
Helena & Mabel in the Sitting Room Digital Art. Mixed Media
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You might be on to something. You are developing a style that might be marketable. I suggest to you to go to Michaels or even Wal-Mart and see who's producing and distributing poster art in mixed media. Find out what their submission requirements are and see if anyone would be interested in producing some poster production lines of your work. Put some together in different categories like South Miami Beach- Art Deco style, Country themes, pastoral... yada yada. You know, cover a few distinctive fashion genres. You might have to start taking your own photos or buying copyrights so that doesn't come back and bite you in the weebol, but that is better anyway, full control. Nice work here, Joan.

Funny Mabel Willis

Mabel Willis
Born to be wild...
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Its too Hilarious see the face the little french beard looks awesome cute baby
have you ever seen a small kid trying to squeeze the trigger of a f.i watergun. i belive it is called the "The pincher grasp" and that is when a baby uses the thumb and index finger together to hold onto objects.
Congratulations,on winning the Wood....nice work.
an awesome chop...congrats on winning wood
Wonderful wood Congrats ....
One tough daughter she is, hahaha. Congrats on the wood, kottetrance.

Funny Bruce Willis and Mabel

Bruce Willis and Mabel
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Nice finished and clean texture and good sharpness given to the image looks happy family --- lovely
Well Done, Nice Composition and nice color
Congratulations,on winning the Bronze....nice work.
Thank you geriatric, nepa & robin... your awesome.
Brilliant Bronze Congrats Jim
Beautificent. Congrats on the bronze, Jim.

Funny Mabel Ray Willis

Mabel Ray Willis
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for some reason it looks like David Spade,
She does look like David Spade, . Good one, Jerry.

Funny Baby Mabel Willis

Baby Mabel Willis
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So sweet baby, look pinkish but beautiful

Funny Mabel Ray in 12 Monkeys

Mabel Ray in 12 Monkeys
* 12 Monkeys_12 MabelRay ... The 3 in 1 Willis THE FUTURE IS HISTORY
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Fantastic effects great merge of 3, wonderful poster for upcoming movie
I have seen the original poster, and this one is really a great job done very well merged the baby's pic to it, good to see Emma

Funny Mabel Willis in Diehard

Mabel Willis in Diehard
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Funny Bruce Outside Mabel Ray's Bedroom

Bruce Outside Mabel Ray's Bedroom
"You better announce yourself if you DON'T want me to blow off your (*%^#)head."

Funny Mabel Willis & Dollies

Mabel Willis & Dollies
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Very funny good blending of the face ... well done

Funny Little Mabel Ray Willis

Little Mabel Ray Willis
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Awesome source pic. I wish it was higher resolution. Is that baby giving us the finger.
Nice rendition but, she'll need to start shaving her legs early-on.
Good Clean texture and very well done with the lighting mix, perfectly focused on the object lovely cute baby

Funny Mabel Ray Willis

Mabel Ray Willis
Actor Bruce Willis welcomed a new child to his growing brood when wife Emma Heming-Willis gave birth to a baby girl over the weekend, said his spokeswoman. Mabel Ray Willis was born on Sunday in Los Angeles, and weighed 9 lbs, 1 oz. This is the actor's fourth child, and his first with Heming, his wife of three years. The happy couple have sold the exclusive rights for the first photos of Mabel Ray Willis to a famous magazine that preferred to stay unannounced until the publication date. "Die Hard" star Willis, 57, married model Heming, 33, in 2009. Willis has a busy year ahead of him reprising one of his best known roles as tough cop John McClane for the highly-anticipated sequel "A Good Day to Die Hard," due for release in 2013. The fans demand to see the photos of Mabel Ray Willis, and it sucks to wait until they will be published in a magazine. So let's not disappoint the Willis' fans here - show them what Mabel Ray Willis may look like asap.

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