Bufori Luxury Car at the Beach
Bufori Luxury Car at the Beach
Bufori Luxury Car at the Beach. A Motor Vehicle Caricature The Bufori luxury model goes for $150-350,000 customized. Dang it, and I customized this one for free. Source Images Large Best View
Member reactions:
What a lovely car ...
Great work... like the Address showing arrow and awesome chop overall used the sources effectively
Have you thought of running this thru a 3D printer. Excellent work.
Thanks for all the great comments Balo, Raj, Disasterman, Nanny, Mac, Armatien, and Eric Thank you Paul. Thanks, Much appreciated PJ.
Congrats on the GOLD. Inspired work ... Yeehaaa...
Thanks much Gummy, or should I call you the Gumster. Yikes...that doesn't make for a very pretty visual. Thank you Laff. ...yeehaaa indeed
Great tuning work, SS. I'd love to have one. Congrats on the gold.
Grazie mille N-Master. Me too...maybe running it thru Nanny's 3d printer would work. A Simply Amazing Printer Many Thanks Geri....

Funny Luxury Laptop

Luxury Laptop
Now with holographic display.
Member reactions:
Very creative, looks like a preview of laptops in the distant future.
I agree with PartyOfOne - very smooth work and sci-fi feel

Funny Luxury Packard Sedan

Luxury Packard Sedan
1937 Packard-SedanBlck + 2007 Startech-DodgeNitro. Please fullimage for clarity.
Member reactions:
Very Nice. Looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. Only critique would be to lower the bottom right corner of the grill a few pixels to match the line of the front bumper.
awsome chop here, executed like a champ , great reflections. Nothing to critic.
Ohh My..............Awesome...... Is this an illusion. look at the reflection and merging technique..It looks like a new model of car...GREAT work.... I like it....^L^,
Looks like perfection to me. I'd love to own one.
so realistic
Truly...I cant see what parts are merge here...its almost a one perfect car...the reflection is good...hope to see the source...good job

Funny Luxury Blimp

Luxury Blimp
Full view is a must.
Member reactions:
Very funny. (but actually Dean Martin sang "That's Amore", not Sinatra )

Funny Theft to Luxury Bride to Prison

Theft to Luxury Bride to Prison
Bride, 31, 'used company credit cards to pay for $50,000 luxury wedding'

Funny Luxury Violin Yacht

Luxury Violin Yacht

Funny Luxury for Dogs

Luxury  for Dogs
This dog certainly enjoys a bit of luxury, it makes a change from the kennel. Luxury for dogs
Member reactions:
I wish I could have got rid of the floating effect

Funny Luxury Toilet

Luxury Toilet
NASA is buying a Russian toilet for the International Space Station. The luxury price tag is $19 million as the toilet filters urine into drinking water. Currently there's only one toilet on the space station which has a crew of three. Since the team will be expanding to six members, NASA bought this second expensive toilet, so that the astronauts don't have to line up when the nearest toilet is 200 miles away. The new space toilet is so compact and so expensive, astronauts call it Johnny Cash. Design any type of luxury toilet that could have a high price due to its design, materials, functions, of other features (famous, antique). Let's show NASA what they could buy for $19 million.

Funny Luxury Products

Luxury Products
Select products not normally associated with being "luxury" items and create images showing them with celebrity spokespeople or in ways that might make them appeal to the wealthy or those with finer tastes.

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