Lux Soap Flake Advertising
Lux Soap Flake Advertising
Lux Soap Flake Advertising. Member reactions:
I remember those Lux ads. Very appropriate and good chopping.
I can see the TV commercial, now, on that old Setchell-Carlson B&W TV.Looks good-good luck.

Funny Fiat Lux

Fiat Lux
Let there be light.
Member reactions:
It needs some work with the dark/light brush to make it really realistic. If you set the brush to really soft and pretty big its not so difficult to give it gradient.(don't know how it's called in english), and when you take a very long thin brush you can give it some lines or something. Do this in a new copy and make it a little transparent as so it isn't to much and it will look a lot better.
Merci beaucoup, Jeremix. I tried fiddling with shadows, 'gradient' etc. to try to attenuate the 'flat' effect... but not very successfully, i'm afraid. Couldn't we just imagine that this Topolino has sides as flat as a L-V steamer trunk
Good one. Jere's suggestions are useful. He's got en eye for the art.

Funny Lux Shampoo Advert by Renoir

Lux Shampoo Advert by Renoir
Before, I use only the 100 brush strokes just to make my hair shine.
Member reactions: with LUX super rich shampoo i require only two strokes of the brush.

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