Secret of a smile and a lunar landscape is revealed
Secret of a smile and a lunar landscape is revealed
Secret of a smile and a lunar landscape is revealed.

Funny Chinese Lunar Lander Design

Chinese Lunar Lander Design
What will the Chinese Lunar Lander look like. China readies 'high capability' rocket for manned mission to Moon
Member reactions:
Nice to see you again, Reg. Clever stuff.

Funny Jules Verne's Lunar Module on the Moon

Jules Verne's Lunar Module on the Moon
"Anything a man can imagine, other men can make real." - Jules Verne.
Member reactions:
Jules Verne ROCKS. and you did a great job with the vintage space pod.

Funny Astonaut Using a Lunar Tablet

Astonaut Using a Lunar Tablet
Member reactions:
. Way clever. Especially love the zoomed footprint.. this is soooo Google

Funny Creator's Lunar Yo-Yo

Creator's Lunar Yo-Yo

Funny Lunar Module Landing on Wrong Planet

Lunar Module Landing on Wrong Planet
Member reactions:
Nice, but there is a hard line between the spacecraft and the moon
Not the cross...the hard edge between the craft and the moon
A black line left of the spacecraft, blocks some of the moon's glow, think that's what he means. If not, oh well, there's another thing you can improve. ^^
One of the best in the show. should have placed higher

Funny Chinese Lunar Lander

Chinese Lunar Lander
China to launch second lunar probe
Member reactions:
This is rather cute Well pulled together.
I love how you combined the vintage and modern crafts here. Looks vely gleat.
Congrats on the golden spaceships, Wood-man.
Gold and Silver huh. How's a chopper supposed to compete.. Nice work.
Thanks all. I'd be willing to bet that in a decade or two, that the Chinese will be right up there with the Americans.
Im so happy to see a Space/Moon picture get gold congrats funk...

Funny Astronauts Playing Lunar Golf

Astronauts Playing Lunar Golf
Member reactions:
A little dark. Maybe a bit of level editing would have helped.

Funny Astronaut Racing the Lunar Rover

Astronaut Racing the Lunar Rover
Member reactions:
great image, little blury, but very nice, good job
nice but the rover seems a little too bright
Lighting seems a bit off. Racetrack background and spectators on the right show light coming from almost overhead, but the Astronaut & his vehicle are casting shadows to the left. Otherwise it's an excellent idea.
Goal: reaching for the stars, and moon the other racers

Funny Lunar Chopper

Lunar Chopper
Where's Paul Jr.. Is he late again..

Funny Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse
Most of us were able to see the impressive lunar eclipse today. Depending on your location the moon looked very orange or red, even bloody, thus this eclipse was mostly called "blood moon". Lunar eclipses happen when the moon gets fully covered by the earth's shadow - this is the second such eclipse this year. There's some talk in the blogsphere that this blood moon was actually a bad omen for Ebola virus. Are we all doomed now? Photoshop a lunar eclipse any way you wish. Some examples are: Show how companies can use a lunar eclipse for commercial purposes - advertising their brands and products, show how politicians / political parties may use a lunar eclipse to increase their ratings. Feel free to create advertisements / billboards / magazine covers for the above. Lunar eclipses in movies, paintings, album covers, etc.

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