Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu. Member reactions:
Thanks Hitspinner, Even distorted she remains beautiful

Funny I Love Lucy $10 Bill

I Love Lucy $10 Bill

Funny Lucy Liu with Mother

Lucy Liu with Mother

Funny Lucy Liu Caricature

Lucy Liu Caricature

Funny Lucy Liu With No Neck

Lucy Liu With No Neck

Funny Abstract Lucy and Desi

Abstract Lucy and Desi
I love Lucy more than one might consider a healthy amount. Oh well.
Member reactions:
Great effects composed very good color combination
thanks everyone.
still on i love lucy ... thought that ship had sailed guess not. down with tyrants

Funny Lucy Liu in the Forest

Lucy Liu in the Forest

Funny Lucy In the Kitchen

Lucy In the Kitchen
Member reactions:
Great sourcing. Cool idea. The dress is fabulous.

Funny Lucy & Lucille Ball in Old Painting

Lucy & Lucille Ball in Old Painting
Member reactions:
NICE...reminds me of hansel and gretel, somehow,NICE.
Nicely done , especially on the reclining figure . . . although, I'm not sure why the oscar is in there . . .

Funny Democrats in Lucy Look-Alike Contest

Democrats in Lucy Look-Alike Contest
It looks like Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton walked away with the prizes today.
Member reactions:
ha, I kept thinking who the first lady looks alike, and you got it hidden
Nooooooo.What would Lucy say to M. Obama, I wonder. Funny chop-good luck. High marks.
Really enjoy your works pcrdds, another sterling achievement. Brilliant
Congratulations goes to the Master of the "Direct-to-Chop" method of Photomanipulation.
Thanks, crusader234 and G-Man. I really appreciate the nice comments. It's my job to bring laughter into this depressing world we live in.
Congrats on the silver, love your funny works.
Congrats on the bronze, Paul. Such a hoot contest. Michelle got the first, .
Thanks, Newsy. Did you really expect anyone other than Michelle to win. .
Uh...Newsy. This won the Silver...not the Bronze. D'OH. You must once again be sniffing too much borscht. .

Funny I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy
L.A. marked the 100th birthday of Lucille Ball on Saturday with a Lucy look-alike contest in Hollywood. This year also marks the 60th anniversary of her "I Love Lucy" television show. To celebrate the 100th birthday of Lucille Ball and the 60th anniversary of her "I Love Lucy" television show, photoshop her anyway you wish.

Funny Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu
American actress Lucy Liu celebrates her 40th birthday today. Liu became known for her role in the TV series Ally McBeal (1998Ė2002). Her big screen success includes the roles in such box office hits as Charlie's Angels, Chicago, Kill Bill, and others. Lucy Liu was born in Chinese immigrant family and didn't start speaking English till she was 5. Speaking of her Asian-American background Liu said: "when you grow up Asian-American itís difficult because you donít know if youíre Asian or youíre American. You get confused." In a Jane magazine interview, Liu mentioned that she is possibly bisexual. To mark the 40th birthday of Lucy Liu photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what movies she could play in, immortalizing Lui in paintings, showing (on magazine covers) what possible scandals her persona may attract, etc.

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