Democrats in Lucy Look-Alike Contest
Democrats in Lucy Look-Alike Contest
Democrats in Lucy Look-Alike Contest. It looks like Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton walked away with the prizes today.
Member reactions:
ha, I kept thinking who the first lady looks alike, and you got it hidden
Nooooooo.What would Lucy say to M. Obama, I wonder. Funny chop-good luck. High marks.
Really enjoy your works pcrdds, another sterling achievement. Brilliant
Congratulations goes to the Master of the "Direct-to-Chop" method of Photomanipulation.
Thanks, crusader234 and G-Man. I really appreciate the nice comments. It's my job to bring laughter into this depressing world we live in.
Congrats on the silver, love your funny works.
Congrats on the bronze, Paul. Such a hoot contest. Michelle got the first, .
Thanks, Newsy. Did you really expect anyone other than Michelle to win. .
Uh...Newsy. This won the Silver...not the Bronze. D'OH. You must once again be sniffing too much borscht. .

Funny I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy
Member reactions:
This is beautiful. '10' for HIDDEN's version of Lucy.
Love to love it, really nice . . . clean as a whistle as always . . .
Thanks a lot Icy, Bietjebianca, Diamonds, Geri, Qtrmoonshop...very glad you like it.
Disasterman, Rajeshstar, Boulpix, Krrish thank you.
Congrats Sunshin3. Definitely my favorite of yours. The record player was a good switch out.
Those kittens are so cute.. Brilliant work.
"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. That's my way of saying .Congratulations. Sunshine Girl.
Lots of thanks DD, Pcr, PixJockey, Crusader, Geri Appreciate a lot your comments.
Congrats on the win, Sun. Clean work, real pretty.

Funny Lucy the Rivetter

Lucy the Rivetter
"I'd hate to imagine what would happen if Lucy ever tried using a rivet gun." .
Member reactions:
Is your source Lucy or a look-a-like. Cool idea.
FYI: Image source is the real Lucille Ball and not a look-a-like.
She looks different to me also but good job
Nicely done and good details And just to answer others questions... link

Funny I Will Always Love You Lucy

I Will Always Love You Lucy

Funny Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
view in Hi-Res

Funny Lucy Ball Colorized

Lucy Ball Colorized

Funny Lovely Lucy Painting

Lovely Lucy Painting

Funny Baby Watching I Love Lucy on the Beach

Baby Watching I Love Lucy on the Beach
"A Desilu Production" view in Hi-Res elements used
Member reactions:
Very cute. Love the Vitameatavegamin bottle in the sand.
Great sourcing. But all the water's gonna run out of the ocean. (ha ha ... your horizon is crooked.) Great little TV, cute baby, LOVE the bottle of Vitavegameatin.
Thanks IcyAllEyeCan . . . living up to your name, heh. . . . just checked my original source and see that it was shot that way . . . didn't really notice it much, however, after adjusting things, I have to agree, it looks better now . . . Thanks again - qtrmoonshop

Funny Two Faced Lucy Michelle and Gellyu

Two Faced Lucy Michelle and Gellyu
Member reactions:
Quality work. The nose on the top face is a bit washed out

Funny Lucy Liu Facelift

Lucy Liu Facelift

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