The Lucky Stone
The Lucky Stone
The Lucky Stone. 120 Layers to create this.
Member reactions:
I like the Irish Aliens. Looks Great, Hidden.
120 layers of awesomeness. Congrats on the Silver Cosmix.
I Love this one, just notice my comment from before didn't show, Beautiful pic.
Thanks Reggie and Hobbit. It doesn't help when the image of the entry on the home page doesn't show the same comments as when it's on the contributors page.
Incase nobody is sure the Gentleman in the doorway is Irish actor Cillian Murphy who plays Tommy Shelby in The Peaky Blinders.
Great pic Cosmix. 120 layers. Thatís a lot of work.
Peaky Blinders, one ofmyfavorite shows from the last years.. Very well done, congrats on the silver.
Thanks Manos, robin, CraftLord (yes indeed) and fugit

Funny Lucky Duck, He's All Warm.

Lucky Duck, He's All Warm.
Member reactions:
Great job on this as well. The Trump wall game is the cherry on top.. Woody Twofer Congrats, Hobbit.
A twofer..... My fave... so quirky hahahahah

Funny Lady GaGa in Lucky Strike Advert

Lady GaGa in Lucky Strike Advert
Member reactions:
I'd suggest making the texture of Gaga match the ad and changing the text in the background to include Gaga's name.
Doesn't even need the fine type. I think it is great.

Funny Blofeld with his Lucky Black Cat

Blofeld with his Lucky Black Cat
Blofeld: Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in. . . .

Funny Lucky Strike Cigarette Machine Gun

Lucky Strike Cigarette Machine Gun
Member reactions:
Nicely authentic in its retro look. Cool..

Funny Archer Shooting a Lucky Strike Arrow

Archer Shooting a Lucky Strike Arrow

Funny Obama Shooting Baskets in Lucky Rabbit Foot Slippers

Obama Shooting Baskets in Lucky Rabbit Foot Slippers
Over Board Again

Funny Hillary Clinton Gets Lucky at the Casino

Hillary Clinton Gets Lucky at the Casino
Member reactions:
Romeney's hand's idea is Out of the Box..
I want to get lucky.... Freaky and stunning Hillary Only Obama has his hands out on the table Great job done.... Puts my mind in control superb

Funny Lucky Strike Bowling Pin Alien Spaceship

Lucky Strike Bowling Pin Alien Spaceship
Member reactions:
I don't think the aliens have lungs so smoking should be okay for them....nice work.
LoL cool
So the smoke from the Jet is coming out of that Cigarette bud good job done and like the Alien look good one
Flying high in Bowling machine very nice light work as AlienShip's smoke
Superb. Very well executed and nicely placed the alien in it very well done
Great creativity, grats on the wood Paul.
Superb work with the source. Could be well used as a promotional poster for Lucky Strike. Smoking alien looks like a badass alien version of Clint Eastwood, . Congrats on the wood, Paul.

Funny Prehistoric Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Prehistoric Lucky Strike Cigarettes
Member reactions:
Change the blue logo for red, both Lucky Strike and Jurassic Park Logo's are red. Find a more grungy pack... as if it was really was in situ. This one is far too pristine. Hope this helps, and by the way make to whole image much larger, say about 1300X 1900px, they always look better bigger. Hope this helps Wiz
ya, good suggestions Wiz, and it looks much better now. Smoking dino in the BG. Very clean work.
That is a huge improvement on the original one. Love the smokin' dino.
"Attaboy, that's starting to look great, now go check on some old ciggie print ads and see what they did with typefaces. Then see if you can improve yours. (by the way: This is not anyway a slight on what you have done, but just a way of improving it.) Have Fun Wiz
, now its very nice in red instead of blue, nice smoke and eye of Dragon, good luck
Very funny to see the diano smoking and the smoke coming out of her nose the Cigarette brand is awesome in its look
Fantastic idea Smoke idea with the dinosaur is really great thinking and very well executed
There is a font called Jurassic if that helps.

Funny Lucky Celebrities

Lucky Celebrities
Calendar day for this Saturday brings the three sevens together 7/7/07, and make this an extremely lucky day that happens only once in a hundred years,- at least that's what the numerology and astrology experts say. Many people planned important events on this day, such as big purchases, contracts, and even marriage like Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. Babies born on 777 date are considered to have a lucky life. Show what could happen to celebrities, politicians, or any people, if they suddenly had a strike of extremely good luck. This could be something lucky they hoped for, or an unexpected visit from lady luck in areas they did not even expect. You are welcome to use photos, posters or old paintings for this contest.

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