LSD Art. Member reactions:
Abstract, looks like mechanical graffiti.

Funny Charlie Sheen on LSD

Charlie Sheen on LSD
LSD 'helps alcoholics to give up drinking'
Member reactions:
Great work on the backgound, nice wonderful images potraited, like to see the Peacock feather and a bird flying, Good news entry, yes LSD makes feel lighter and this has been potraited in this image, the Chair goes up in the air, wonderful nice shadows work and perfect Rabbit looks awesome with a clock
Marvaleous job done Background portion and selection is very nice
Good Job, Seems you improved on Caricatures Alot. All the best.
.. Fantastic show. How did you do all these merges in background, its Awesome.
This is fantastic.. lock up that gold right now I say.
Way to go PSM. Congrats on Gold. This is one of my all time fav's,
I started one something in connection to that article, but it wouldn't go my way so i gthrew it away. Yours looks alot better. Congrats PSM.
Beautiful.. Love the red nose and cheeks.
Great caricture... great colors... well done. Congrats.
Super work Mandrake. Reminds me of the old days. ha ha.
Fantastico PSM Definitely one of my all time favorites of yours splendid work with the hallucinogenic effects, excellent caricature and I love the carpet effect. Gold Congrats. Top Mark.
Congrats on the gold, PSM. This chops is elevating.

Funny The Obama's Tripping on LSD

The Obama's Tripping on LSD
Member reactions:
Creative one like the way the image is moulded together with that sofa and the photo frame on the wall its really freaky one to see

Funny LSD US Dollars

LSD US Dollars
Member reactions:
Very Interesting work done dollor note color looks nice

Funny LSD Ducks Digital Art

LSD Ducks Digital Art
I was stuck for a title, this piece was created about 4 years ago and I must have been having a relapse from the 70's.
Member reactions:
You know what they say "If you remember the 70's you weren't there" Nice work

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