too low...
too low...
too low.... Member reactions:
Sweet specimen and still a beauty. Congrats on the Silver win Bellita.
She's a Beauty. Congrats on the Silver Cup, Bellita.

Funny Tesla's Toxic Unicorn, Low Tide

Tesla's Toxic Unicorn, Low Tide
The Ally Point, Low Tide
Member reactions:
it really jumps out. Great color match too.
Thanks Reggie. Yeah...I used Photoshop's Mixer Brush to color the unicorn. I'll post the original source image when I get a chance. Unicorn Figurine
Thanks, Hobbit. Glad you like it. I think the Unicorn is freak'n hilarious, in a devilish sort of way. :o
So it's a unicorn not a horse, I still like your chops, always interesting idea's
...Thanks, D. your right, it's a Unicorn. Think I'll use him in another lovely fantasy chop someday
Really picked a winner with this Monet, and matched it perfectly..
Ththanks, Reggie. actually I thought both my chops were a tiny bit short of the proposed theme. But hey what'ts new about that.

Funny Low Light Lady

Low Light Lady
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Cup, Hit-man. Love the Girl.
Congrats, Master Hits. She is very cute with freckles.
love it, Tatoo is a brilliant touch, congrats Jits
Thanks John, RB, Mr. Assad, Manosart, Andrew, Bob, SS and HH

Funny Low Cost Flight

Low Cost Flight

Funny Woman with a Low Battery

Woman with a Low Battery
Original is hans bellmer la poupée, do not google hans bellmer at work, his works are twisted (in an incest style).
Member reactions:
Quite twisted indeed. I'd make the phone use more apparent here - perhaps add another one in her hand.

Funny Low Flying Aircraft Warning Sign in Syria

Low Flying Aircraft Warning Sign in Syria

Funny Green Day Singer Billie Joe Armstrong with Low Pants

Green Day Singer Billie Joe Armstrong with Low Pants
Green Day singer ejected from flight over pants

Funny Low Cost Cockpit

Low Cost Cockpit
Main source
Member reactions:
"Good afternoon. This is your automatic pilot speaking. Nothing will go wrong ...will go wrong ... will go wrong ..."
Gar Rob.
Way clean chop... Verry elemental style that is bitchin.
nice work mod as always . keep up top chops friend
First entry... strong entry... VERY well done... and funny.

Funny Coffee Pot Espressing Low Esteem

Coffee Pot Espressing Low Esteem
horrible pun..I know.

Funny Water in Low Gravity

Water in Low Gravity
Member reactions:
Congratulations on the bronze, PartyOfOne. Excellent work, I only wish the hand was a bit sharper.

Funny Low Carb Diet

Low Carb Diet
The Low Carb diet craze is impacting the food industry in a big way. Your mission is to take a food item known for being unhealthy, such as Krispy Kreme donuts, Twinkies, or any other fatty food item and create new packaging, advertising or marketing that will help sell these items to consumers that are dieting.

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