Chocolate Lovers
Chocolate Lovers
Chocolate Lovers. . Member reactions:
This is special gift for girl and she is crazy for gift....Nice Face expression
she is so crazy for the chocalates it shows her real inner beauty it really hurts
I'm not sure about the red bubbles around the woman's face, but otherwise this chop is awesome in many regards.
Love her isterical expression. Choco sweets can be a drug .
Congrads on the Woodie. To much Jim Shorts
Nice one Jim, thos eyes are a riot. congrats
Congrats on the wood, JShorts ... 'tis always good .
Wooddy congrats, pretty idea and execution.

Funny Lovers unveiled

Lovers unveiled
. Member reactions:
Superbly done - art meets political satire.
Ah Ha. So that's who they are. Great Idea and so well done.

Funny Beer Lover

Beer Lover

Funny The Martial Art Lovers

The Martial Art Lovers
Russian President Putin & Premier Medvedev love Martial Art and spent time in Sochi, Black Sea vacation place.But they have to be in Russian East where Catastrophic flooding has prompted the evacuation of thousands upon thousands of people in Russia's Far East. Member reactions:
clever merge and the starry effect to his teeth is classy
Thank you, Ericnorthend.Those two guys are cool, but useless for their country.

Funny The Art Lover

The Art Lover
. Member reactions:
Good job done.... the different aspects of art work seen and well done with some Out of Bounds pics
Great work and Congrads on the cup. A twofer Too
Dunno which one I like more. this is top shelf too. Congrads on a twofer as well. I better shut up now or the rest of the gang will will start throwing stuff at us for hogging the ether
Me likes a lot.Congrats on the bronze too, Hobbit.

Funny Ballet Lover

Ballet Lover

Funny Old Man with a Young Lover

Old Man with a Young Lover
. Member reactions:
OMG, I can't stop laughing. Love this. I actually have a jacket just like that.
What a beautiful wife you have Pcrdds But Paul don't do these nasty things 'hidden', very bad guy you are
Rolling on the floor with laughter.
Is this really a Pee.... might be.. becoming old may pee in their pants.... See that Girl's face.. She is embrased to face that situation Well done nice chop of making the old man Pee to himself
Do not worry, Sunshine...I will have my revenge.
Brilliant Composition. I liked it. High Marks
thanks all, Sunshine : Oh yes I am..
Love is Blind and Freaky as well...Hence proved in here..
Gold congrats, Young Mr. S. See, my mug is lucky. .
congrats on the Gold ..very well deserved too
sweet revenge, it feels good thanks everyone.
ericnorthend, pegleg and silvercanine thank you guys.

Funny Frog Pokes Lover in the Eye - Love Is Blind

Frog Pokes Lover in the Eye - Love Is Blind
Looks like they both need some glasses, their love is truely blind.. Member reactions:
Great view... the frogs making love on the lotus leafs and catching prey good one
Ha ha ha this is very logical...You are a Master hiddenFreaking brilliant

Funny Modern Lovers

Modern Lovers
. Member reactions:
Now both the face covered.... I do not have any assumptions now Modern lovers hide everything... good chop.
* my opinion... changing the end time of competitions, was not a good choice ...totally uninspired...and this is evident in the low number of voters and viewers...managerial mistake which can seriously affect quality and sustainability of the site Freaking News itself...I suspect that other exhibitors on this platform there are unanimous...* good work dear Kerri...CONGRAT's and go in my fav...

Funny Meat Lovers

Meat Lovers
Please view full version - click here. Member reactions:
Romney is turned Zombie and holding Ryan on one hand and his brain on the other and funny to see that lips is sucking leftover blood from that brain Great job done on Romney making him into zombie... good effects used and nice work on the eye too

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